Crio’s Question: Kennel Cough

Despite the media’s remarkable (commendable?) indulgence of the coach’s preachings, Bulldogs supporters are worried.
This is the worst performed team from the Kennel that I have followed.
The question is… have they bottomed out or has the bottom fallen out?


  1. Crio

    McCartney is in the wrong line of work. He should be in public realtions. We’ve been abysmal since mid last year and the media still talk him up. He’s like a snake charmer of something. The next few weeks will really test him, though. The blowtorch is well and truely on him. Should be some really interesting post match press conferances if we getting corn-holed like saturday.

  2. cowshedend says

    Crio, after some deep breaths i reckon they bottomed out last year,amazingly, this is a bit of improvement, this year they have added a few quality players to their list in Macrae,Stringer and a couple of yet to be seen rippers in Hrovat and Prudden. They have also had some good service out of mature players Tom Young and Nick Lower,and apart from some hiccups Goodes.
    They will lose nothing when Cross Gina and Boyd go, but must get at least another year out of Bob Murphy

  3. last comment …. snake charmer or something …

  4. Cowshedend

    Couldn’t agrree more about Boyd. Great servant, but way overrated. He never gets a tag, and that’s why he racks up all those possessions. Other clubs don’t mind him having the ball coz he never breaks lines and his disposal is rarely penetrative. Meanwhile poor old Griffin gets a hard tag every week. He now seems weary from all the attention. We need someone to step up and free Griffin more often.

  5. Neil Anderson says

    The Herald-Sun has done a number on the Dogs today. Mainly using stats to show they are just about last in every category except contested ball. The jungle-drums have been beating saying the Dogs have escaped scrutiny for long enough so the journos have finally pounced. If you look at who we could have recruited out of recent drafts and who we ended up with it’s enough to make you weep. For example, the early-pick Jarrod Grant is presently running around in the Williamstown twos!
    No wonder Griffen is buggered. Against the Suns he had to run from the forward line to contest the ball on the back line because we have no decent CHB to mop up. Come to think of it, we have no decent key-position players full stop. Of course he gave away a free-kick after all his efforts on the Sun’s forward-line…and on and on it goes.
    I don’t think the Club and the supporters are going to last if we have a coach who thinks he is winning because the Dogs can simply win the contested ball. This is more than just a case of kennel-cough. It’s distemper, rabies, mange…the lot.

  6. I had a feeling of deja-vu reading Scott Gullan’s article in this morning’s Sun, which talked about the Dogs’ lack of success at the draft table.
    Then I remembered I had read it all yesterday in the comments section of Cowshed End’s report of the Dogs-Giants match.
    Who says News Ltd journos don’t read the Footy Almanac?

  7. cowshedend says

    T Bone, this is the Dream Team era, where possessions are everything , and their value in that sphere is dictated by their p’s. Somehow footy analysts have fallen in to this trap. Did you see last week both the Hun and Age had Boyd in their best?
    And agree totally about poor Griffen getting crueled because opposing coaches know he’s the only one they need to tag.

    Neil, I reckon they have one down there for you ( can actually mark!) Fletcher Roberts, reckon he might play this week

  8. I reckoned we’ve bottom out and reached the vertex of an inverted parabola. (I just wanted to use that metaphor because “vertex” has positive connotations.)

    The numbers are not pretty but to use a Castle-ism, I think the “vibe” is right. I will keep the faith in Macca for at least a little longer.

  9. Mic Rees says


    Not sure if this is the worst performed Footscray team in my lifetime – born in ’64 so I “missed” the mid/late 60’s when the team won 25% (23 from 90) of its starts from 1965-69.

    I’d describe what is being offered by the current crop as almost unwatchable. The past 15 or so months I’ve found myself daydreaming of the glory days of the early 80’s – the win/loss record was putrid but Templeton, Dunstan, Kennedy, Edmond, Hawkins, Ted jnr & Jennings were quality players. Sadly we never had enough of them.

    Grant’s comments in this mornings Age, “the rebuilding process can only be judged in three to five years” are far from comforting. Average (home) crowds this season are a little over 23,500. Playing interstate teams in two of the first four home games doesn’t help, however my guess was that North Melbourne supporters accounted for 60% of the attendance a fortnight ago. Frankly the club doesn’t have the luxury of another 3-5 years to re-build.

    See you all at the game on Saturday.


  10. I just had an hour-long chat with Ted Hopkins about many things, including Footscray. I’m now feeling less confident than I was when I made my last comment.

    See you there, Mic!

  11. Gigs I reckon you should have said “vortex” above. As positive as you always are, the pointless spinning around our players do trying to find trouble blows my mind. I cannot bear to watch anymore. At least when I was a kid we were rubbish, but we were tough. I’d like folks to get of Boyd’s back too. You cant win a game without the footy and he gets us the footy. Limited maybe, but you never see him joking with the opposition after a loss and its not his fault we selected Grant over Harry Taylor and Dangerfield. I liked the fact that Stringer was so dirty after the Suns game, that was my only bright light.

  12. Daniel Flesch says

    Something wrong with this picture .. from 1925 to 2011 Footscray and Hawthorn met 152 times for 75 wins each and 2 draws. But beside this is the small matter of one Bulldog Flag against 10 for the other mob. Proof the world is a very unjust place.

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