Crio’s Q? – What do you actually expect from your coach?

What do you actually expect from your coach?
It is a topical conundrum.
Is Malthouse in strife for being petulant with the press or because his players are underperforming?
McCartney was loved by the media, with his wisdom on mentoring and “growing the person”. His match day strategy and results, however, didn’t impress the Bulldog’s Board and he was sacked.
Walsh seems to have been given the task of coaching – sure, he’ll trot out the usual pressers but the Crows are not chasing a PR blitz, reckoning that wins provide that end.
Rocket appears to have troubles up on the Gold Coast. Is it a generational failure to communicate? Does he need to be more in-tune with the “now gen”?
Ross Lyon’s never gone on the big charm offensive, in contrast to his old mate Roosy who’s a bit of a snake-oil salesman (which, as well a footy smarts, was part of his attraction to the Dees).
The Krays (Scott twins) seem to want to keep things in-house, with everything hunky when winning but not far off supporter upheaval when the losses arrive.
It takes all types and there may well be no orthodox mould.
But fans/boards/players need to be clear about what the gaffer’s gig is so he can then be judged by that criteria.


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Eade to the Gold Coast has disaster written all over it. Think Don Scott at South Adelaide.

    Bluey McKenna was undoubtedly doing a good job with what was at his disposal; but like Ratten at Carlton was a victim of a hierarchy with unrealistic expectations.

  2. I’m a “newby” to commenting on here so play nice. I have been enjoying reading posts on this site for sometime but only just got off my backside to actually post something myself now.

    As for Eades, I’m with you Skip….Eades to the Gold Coast had disaster written all over it and has proven correct so far, and I don’t expect that to change. Collingwood were wise enough to drop Malthouse for a 1st year coach with no credentials except that he could play the game, and he has single handedly dragged them from 2nd spot (played off in a GF Malthouses last year) to 11th in what, 2 or 3 years? And wouldn’t be surprised if he dragged them even lower this year. 2nd to 11th in a couple of years is no mean feat!

    Walsh and Beveridge are currently having a honeymoon with their respective clubs but will it last?? I think Adelaide could go on to finish top 4 or 5, not sure about the Doggies though.

    Eades to GC though has proven a disaster, and won’t get any better in the short term with Ablett now out for who knows how long!

  3. Citrus Bob says

    The king is dead long live the king. That is how it should have been for both Mick and Rocket.
    They might have had the know how in years gone by but the footy has gone past them.
    Great to see that the new boys in recent years -Kenny, Bevo, Simmo, Walshy and Camo have all served long apprenticeships. Time will tell over Bucks.
    Ego driven Boards have made some doozies in the past and will continue to do so without looking at the big picture.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Sando ?

  5. Joyce Brown missed the boat?

  6. Citrus bob says

    What about Sando?
    I could have been a success amongst the Pivots. Probably was not under any pressure down there

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Sorry Bob for the opaque reply.

    It was more a play on the names of the other new coaches, whose names ended in -o or -y, contrasting their fortunes against Sand-o

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