New Bulldogs Coach: “A good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way”

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Julia Gillard was elected Bulldogs leader unopposed today, after Kevin Rudd (sorry Brendan McCartney) stood aside.  She will be sworn in as coach next week.

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She said she had accepted her new role with “the greatest humility, resolve and enthusiasm” because she believed a good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way.

“I also believe that leadership is about the authority that grows from mutual respect shared by colleagues, from … hard work, team work and spirit.”

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“I believed we needed to do better,” she said, adding Mr McCartney was a man of “remarkable achievement”.

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  1. Rymill Bonython says

    Fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate…

  2. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    V clever and unfortunately way too much accuracy

  3. Pete Granger says

    …However Ms Gillard is unable to coach without the support of the trendy inner suburbanite faction known as the Greens. Moreover, waiting at the rear
    to be inserted in the role at short notice is that suppository of all wisdom, alternative coach, Tony Abbot.

  4. kath presdee says

    Actually she could be the new gun forward if they don’t get Boyd.

    Didn’t she once say “I’ve got more chances playing full forward for the Bulldogs than I have of being PM?”

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