Almanac Teams – Terrific Tens

A perfect 10 is hard to beat (unless you’re in Spinal Tap), so it goes without saying that Phil Dimitriadis’ team of 10s would give any side a run for their money

Era, era on the wall, which was the greatest of them all?

Wondering how to get your footy fix until next April? In the first of a nine-part series, Jeff Dowsing has scoured the history books looking at Footy ‘then’ to understand footy ‘now’. While this series has a distinctly VFL focus, the question remains: has much really changed in footy?

The Discovery of Bob Pratt

While I never played football at the Highest Level, I think I can legitimately lay claim to being one of the game’s greatest archaeologists.  For it was me in 1995 along with my good friend Mike Lefebvre who rediscovered the man, the legend, that was Bob Pratt. During that year, Mike and I were researching [Read more]