Almanac Life: A lesson from (Brother) Robo

John Nugent recently told the story of meeting (and selling newspapers to) John Coleman. He follows up with a piece about a childhood influence.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: The days I met the wonderful John Coleman

Johno Nugent kept bumping into John Coleman during his early years. He remembers these wonderful moments.

Geelong’s Record Run – Round 4, 1953: Geelong v Essendon – cool Cats curtail Coleman

Geelong’s miserly defence held John Coleman to just four goals in its victory over Essendon in Round Four, 1953. Peter Clark continues his ongoing series on the Cats’ dominant run.

VAFA Premier B Round 10 – Fitzroy v Monash Blues: Rattle and Hum

The winter solstice sees David Wilson along to Brunswick Street Oval to watch Fitzroy play footy. It is a journey of past and present; of people and place.

The Old Footy Record: What do you know about this match?

This must have been some match! These images of an old footy record have prompted many questions about this game. If you can provide further information about the match to The Footy Almanac it will be greatly appreciated.

Almanac Teams – Terrific Tens

A perfect 10 is hard to beat (unless you’re in Spinal Tap), so it goes without saying that Phil Dimitriadis’ team of 10s would give any side a run for their money

Almanac Footy Teams: Opening Round Debutants

Phil Dimitriadis picks a side of Round 1 debutants, many of whom you will remember well, while others faded away.

The Ashes – Fourth Test, Day 4: Sod It 

In the bowels of the ‘G, people mill about, wearing confused expressions. What is a man or woman to do when his or her day at the cricket is ruined by the glory of Melbourne summer rain? Jack ponders this question as the rain begins to play a part in determining the outcome of the fourth Test.

Almanac Teams: Citrus Bob’s All-Time Top 20 Players

Not wanting to miss out on the act, Citrus Bob Utber has come up with his top 20 players of all time. He should know what he is talking about.

Almanac History: George Goninon and the “punt drop” kick

Jim Johnson creator of the Stab Punt presents research evidence of George Goninon’s use of a Drop Punt in his success at goal kicking.

Era, era on the wall: 1949-1959

The VFL in the 1950s are synonymous with the dominance of the Demons under Norm Smith and their epic rivalry with Collingwood. But the 50s are remembered fondly out at Barkly Street and are notable also for the emergence of a kid from the Mornington Peninsula, who would dominate the goal square at Windy Hill…

Mike Sexton’s 7.30 piece on John Coleman

John Coleman is regarded as one of the greatest talents of footy.

Recently Doug Ackerley published a biography of Coleman. Also, film footage of Coleman has been discovered.

Mike Sexton reported on this Coleman coincidence for 730.


I haven’t been to the “G” yet to catch up with the new John Coleman statue, but when I do it will bring back many memories of this great footballer and memories of a time late in the 1951 season when he was rubbed out,  costing Essendon a certain flag. I am one of those [Read more]

Was John Coleman the greatest forward ever to ever play for Heatherton FC?

Trevor Easey’s research into the Heatherton Football Club’s origins revealed some surprising past players, including legendary Essendon forward John Coleman.