Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Wrong side of the river

Richard Griffiths spent a fair chunk of the 1980s playing in the VFA (seconds!) He remembers the great characters of his clubs, Coburg (where he bumped into Phil Cleary) and Prahran. Lots of terrific stories and the added bonus of some ‘Where are they nows’.

Almanac (footy) History: VFA Lightning Premierships

Glen Davis looks at the history of VFA Lightning Premierships and wonders if there is a place for such a competition in the AFL in 2020.

Almanac Footy History: Fitzroy wins the 1898 flag

The Almanac has been featuring quite a bit of Fitzroy FC history in recent times. John Harms continues the trend with this piece about Fitzroy’s 1898 premiership season. It also coincides with Anzac Day as one of Fitzroy’s footballers, Stan Reid, whose story is told in the piece, was killed during the Boer War. [Make yourself a cuppa for this one – Ed]

VFA/VFL – The Burgers v The Boroughs: Red and blue deja vu

Mic Rees sees a moving tribute to legendary Coburg stalwart Ian Liversidge before watching his Port Melbourne side taken on the locals. His visit to Coburg City Oval takes him back to one of the VFA’s memorable grand finals- when Port came back from oblivion to snatch victory against Coburg in1980. [Super evocation of past and present – JTH]

VFL Round 1: Williamstown v Port Melbourne – Rekindling old rivalries in the sunset

It’s been a few years since Glen! has seen Port Melbourne in the VFA/VFL; he made a return to watch on as Williamstown played picturesque host to a contest between two doyens of the Victorian game in Round 1.

A star from the VFA’s halcyon days by KB Hill

This week’s KB Hill features Rod Cobain, who played in the VFL & VFA before heading up to Yarrawonga

State of the footy nation: time to address a few issues about good ordinary football at the second tier.

Terry Logozzo’s comment on Rulebook’s recent piece about second tier comps is worthy of being a post in its own right. So here it is.

AFL National Reserves Competition?

The success of the Crows has Rulebook hopping mad. Yes, read on, he’s serious about AFL reserves sides compromising state leagues

Bob Heard and The End of Innocence

Prompted by a John Harms photo, Paul Quilty remembers Preston Bullants when peanuts were 5 a bag and Heard and Reid dominated Cramer St Oval.

H.C.A. Harrison: Whittlesea’s link to a founder of the Australian game.

Glen highlights the life of an Aussie Rules founder.

Era, era on the wall: 1939 – 1948

Jeff Dowsing’s look back at VFL Grand Final eras continues. Today: The World War Two years. Bluey Truscott, The Bloodbath of ’45, ‘King’ Dick and Captain Blood.

Era, era on the wall, which was the greatest of them all?

Wondering how to get your footy fix until next April? In the first of a nine-part series, Jeff Dowsing has scoured the history books looking at Footy ‘then’ to understand footy ‘now’. While this series has a distinctly VFL focus, the question remains: has much really changed in footy?

Carn the Burgers

Glen! shares his memories of the mighty Coburg Footy Club, who certainly made their presence felt in the 1970’s and ’80’s. He also names his best team from the period [plenty of familiar names! – Ed]

AFL revisionists’ flagging logic

Jeff Dowsing takes aim at the dubious claims of revisionist footy historians who are seeking to grant premiership* flags for the decades before the game took on an organised structure.

How to Watch Footy, part 12

Vin Maskell is operating the scoreboard at a good old-fashioned VFA showdown. But the view from the top of the grandstand is of more than just the clashing jumpers.

Footy’s home away from ‘drome

  by Jeff Dowsing Since Roy Cazaly was a boy, a perennial issue facing football has been access to suitable venues to play and train. If it’s not a war between football and the local council, it’s a barney amongst the club’s pigskin punters and their ship of flannelled fools.  The latest is the Kangaroos jettisoning the cricket club [Read more]

Footy Symmetry

Shortly after Geelong beat Collingwood in R 24 i commented on  a posting, reminiscing back to 1980, my focus being on the First Division of the VFA. That year Coburg finished top of the ladder losing only 2 home and away games, not too dissimilar to Collingwood in the 2011 AFL season. I drew an anology [Read more]

OK, Who forgot to Compile the VFA Stats between 1877 and 1896?

Given that the 18 (or is it 19) years represent a significant chain in the history of footy, I’m surprised that there is (or seems to be) no easy-access stats for the VFA results in the period. I can find the premiers but that’s about it. Is there a place to find this stuff or [Read more]