‘Jovial Jack Fergie……’ by KB Hill

KB Hill tells us about Jack Ferguson, the Wangaratta Magpies champion full-back and, later, 3NE radio commentator extraordinaire. He was a pretty good shoe salesman, too!

Martin Flanagan’s speech to the Grassroots Sports Club in Hobart, Spring 2019.

Martin Flanagan is one the country’s leading writers on Australian football. This is a timely speech about footy in Tassie which Martin gave in Hobart last weekend for the Grassroots Sports Club to raise money to buy sports equipment for disadvantaged kids.

Round 15 – Richmond v Sydney: The ghosts of campaigns past

John Green harks back to the `30s when Richmond and South Melbourne were great rivals while telling the story of a high-quality match under the roof at Etihad.

George Ronald Cole – Footballer Senator

Never heard of George Cole? Well, he was a school teaching, grassroots footballer of outstanding ability well known throughout Tasmania who later become a Federal Politician. His remarkable story is told here.

In the testing ground with the centre half backs

Carolyn Spooner’s review of the champions of the footy spine has reached the heroic position of centre half back.

Era, era on the wall: 1939 – 1948

Jeff Dowsing’s look back at VFL Grand Final eras continues. Today: The World War Two years. Bluey Truscott, The Bloodbath of ’45, ‘King’ Dick and Captain Blood.

Era, era on the wall, which was the greatest of them all?

Wondering how to get your footy fix until next April? In the first of a nine-part series, Jeff Dowsing has scoured the history books looking at Footy ‘then’ to understand footy ‘now’. While this series has a distinctly VFL focus, the question remains: has much really changed in footy?

Side by side, back to back

On Friday night the Magpies and Swans engage in the most important game they’ve played against eachother for 76 years.  This is the Collingwood’s 50 Most Sensational Games story of the 1936 Grand Final. 1936 Grand final MCG, Saturday 5 October CROWD: 74,091 UMPIRE: Blackburn Collingwood            3.6.24   7.16.58   8.19.67   11.23.89 South Melbourne    3.4.22     5.7.37   8.12.60   10.18.78 BEST COLLINGWOOD – Pannam, Whelan, Carmody, Kyne, [Read more]