Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood profiles Neil Balme – legendary footballer, coach and manager across multiple states and clubs.

Wally Miller: the doyen of administrators

Rulebook’s tribute to Norwood legend Wally Miller celebrating his AFL Life Membership.

SANFL Round 8 – Norwood returns to the winners circle: by Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood

Rulebook reviews the SANFL Round 8 match between Norwood and West Adelaide, as always, in his own inimitable style.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Traditions

Joe De Petro relives the 1972 VFL Grand Final and the rivalry established between Richmond and Carlton, while watching the Round 1 match between the Tigers and the Blues at the MCG.

Neil Balme – player, coach administrator: five decades of influence

If success follows you across 50 seasons of footy you must be doing something right. Rulebook’s profile of Neil Balme captures an incredible career in footy!

Bruce Winter: Mr Significance

Time to sit down for a cuppa and enjoy Rulebook’s review of the career of Sturt, Norwood and Woodville West Torrens stalwart, Bruce Winter

Almanac People – Greg Turbill: Turbs aka Tubby aka Mr Courageous

Following on from Norwood’s fabulous Hall of Fame dinner, Rulebook reflects on the career of a a truly gutsy player

Neville ‘Rocky’ Roberts: Gun

In his latest ode to Redlegs greats, Rulebook turns his attention to Rocky Roberts and just how he got that nickname. [Do yourself a favour and block out the half hour before morning tea to read this – JTH]

Odd Friday Lunch: Neil Balme this Friday, Nov 3.

Neil Balme is the guest at this Friday’s Odd Friday Lunch. Bookings essential. [This will be excellent – JTH]

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Introduction and The Coaches

Can 1997 really be two decades ago? Apparently so, as Swish introduces this pictorial series covering the coaches and players from the 1997 AFL season.

In the tree tops with the ruckmen

Carolyn Spooner finds a perfect relationship between the very best of football’s big men and, thanks to a trusty copy of Shrubs and trees for Australian gardens, many particularly characterised Australian trees.

SANFL Blow-ins 1960-1990 Part 1: Introduction and Coaches

Swish brings us the first instalment of his trawl through three decades of the SANFL’s interstate interlopers.

Richmond Board Challenge are they Messiahs or just a bunch of Naughty Boys?

The Focus on Football challenge on the Richmond Board, according to DrCruel73, was the icing on the cake in a horrible year for the Tigers.

We’re 35 years into a 5 year plan!

Stainless wears his Richmond heart on his sleeve as he bemoans the “limp-lettuce effort” of the Focus on Football group to take over the Richmond board.

Era, era on the wall; 1967-1976

The late 60s and early 70s are the Golden Years of footy for many VFL fans. In Jeff Dowsing’s latest look at Grand Final eras, the years 1967 to 1976 would see a revolution in how the game was played after Barassi’s Blues and their use handball engineered possibly the greatest comeback in VFL Grand Final history. Carlton, Richmond, Hawthorn and North fans; this is your era.

Round 12 – Geelong v Melbourne: Good Luck With That…

Rusty Berther is a man who has dished out curses on his beloved Demons – now, after years of suffering and a breakthrough win, he’s ready to offload one onto Geelong.

One-Eyed Footy Fans: Bushy, the Lunatic Tiger

The One-Eyed footy follower. We all know someone who believes – no matter all evidence to the contrary – that THIS is his or her teams’ year. Rulebook gets the ball rolling with this warm about his Tiger-loving mate ‘Bushy’.

A Balmey Evening

I  was  lucky  enough  to  get  an  invitation  to  Balmey’s  Roast  last  Thursday  night.  It  was  a  swish  affair,  sort  of  like  a  pie  night  on  steroids,  held  at  the  Hilton  Hotel  both  to  celebrate  Neil  Balme’s  40  years  in  football  and  to  help  raise  funds  for  the  Zaidee’s  Rainbow  Foundation  and  the  N.I.C.K.  Foundation. [Read more]