RIP Jack Whitaker – US Sportscaster: When it was more than a game

Legendary US Sportcaster Jack Whitaker who died last week aged 95 was a regular face on Australian TV in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Peter Baulderstone provides some links to his work and reflects on why his reporting legacy ennobled sports and us.

Yoshi’s Perception of Sport and Art

The Footy Almanac’s Northern Japan correspondant, Yoshi Imagawa, compares sport and art. A thought provoking piece from the Sapporo scribe.

What is sportswriting, anyway?

E. Regnans with a creative conversation about the nature of sportswriting. [Comes nicely on the tail of last week’s art v sport debate – Ed]

Remembering the role of top level sport

E.Regnans has come to the end of his European tour, and the experience makes him philosophical about the role of sport. Inspiration or just respite from greed and hatred?

Beware the autobiography

Matt Watson owns over 500 sporting books. He lists his 10 favourites, and gives his views on what makes for a worthwhile read. Read his list and share yours.

Student/Junior Almanac: Encouraging our rising reporters

Phil Dimitriadis is calling on young writers to share their stories about the sports they love to play and watch in 2013.

Lumps and Bumps

You can find yourself talking footy any-old-where.

Van the man!

A wonderful Robin Van Persie hat-trick saved Manchester United from an unlikely loss against lowly Southampton.

Anne Fedorowytsch: The Facebook Interview

By Phil Dimitriadis   PD: Hi Anne and welcome to the Junior Footy Almanac. Could you tell us about how you came to be interested in footy? AF: Footy first captured my heart when I was six years old. I found it impossible not to get swept up in the fanfare engulfing Adelaide when the [Read more]

True Blood: The Jake Stevens Interview

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens loves life and footy. He reflects on how he became a Swans fan, his world travels and how he’d like to study journalism in an interview with Phil Dimitriadis. PD: Hi Jake and welcome to the Junior Footy Almanac. First questions: Why do you love footy and how did you become a [Read more]

110% Episode 1

Check out Barry Nicholls’ (ABC presenter from WA) new show, 110%.   Barry looks forward to contacting quite a few Almanac contributors in the months to come.          

The Gestation of a Sports Column

by John Harms   Thought I might throw a few words down about my column in the Age on Wednesday – which really was just a bit of fun. Or that’s how it was conceived.   I went to the footy last Sunday to see Hawthorn play North. I thought North were a big chance [Read more]