Almanac Footy (Umpiring): Unexpected debut….Why did I agree to this again?

Mick Jeffrey finds the combination of playing, umpiring, running marathons, nursing injuries and entering a fifth decade a bit of a challenge. But what will he do about it in 2024?

Round 23 – Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Part 2 (Saints march into the prelim)

Nick Kossatch adds to his latest piece on both the AFL’s nailbiter between Port Adelaide and the Bulldogs and local footy in central Queensland with the BITS Saints en route to a big final.

Round 14 – Gold Coast v Port Adelaide: The Power return to winning ways and Yeppoon Swans just keep winning

Nick Kossatch reports on Port Adelaide’s big win over Gold Coast suggesting the Power should be more ruthless by absolutely smashing a hapless opposition rather than be contented with a good win.

Almanac Country Footy: Yeppoon Swans crack the code

Murray Bird made the 1300km round trip from Brisbane to Rockhampton to catch up with an old football colleague and watch the AFL Capricornia grand final in September 2015. He brings to life some of the characters and history of this northern footy miracle. [We re-visit this piece after the Swans broke the consecutive games record on the weekend – Ed]

Local Footy: The Bernie Gottke Medal

Local leagues are starting to wind down for the season, and this also means that the best of the best are lauded at the major functions throughout the nation. Mick Jeffrey relives the Bernie Gottke Medal count night in Central Queensland.

Almanac Local Footy – AFL Capricornia: I love this coaching caper!

Mick Jeffrey is now a footy coach; coaching reserve grade Aussie Rules in Far North Queensland at Brothers AFC in the AFL Capricornia. How is he going?

Local Footy: Let there be light in Capricornia

Mick Jeffrey calls on the local candidates of Capricornia to shed a bit more light on local footy

Local footy: Why do I feel like a babysitter?

Mick Jeffrey steps out again for Brothers AFC. Pre-season is well underway in Capricornia. But the kids are getting younger.

Nought From Seven In Five Rounds

Five rounds, seven matches played so far for Mick Jeffrey. A win for the Brothers would be nice, to put paid to the off-field ructions in the Capricornia league.

Queensland footy: Sounds like its been worth the wait

And you thought the Giants had been doing it tough this year? The Brothers footy club in Rockhampton has just secured this first seniors win since 2011. Cue the club song.

Local footy: The sad story so far

Brothers AFC in the Queensland Capricornia competition may be 0 for 7 this season, but it isn’t for lack of application. Loyal club servant Mick Jeffrey rues missed opportunities and reflects on life in the local league with all its many responsibilities.

A pre-season of new beginnings

While a lot of the focus in the football world is focused on the conclusion to the pre-season at the elite level, the weekend warriors who strap on the boots for the love of the game are also close to finishing their preparations for the coming season

Queensland footy: Adding to the past 30 years

As far as local football in Central Queensland is concerned, there are just 8 days remaining in the season. Disappointingly the only involvement Brothers will be having is hosting the Preliminary Final on Saturday September 1 at our Kele Park ground. Even more disappointing was the manner in which the reserves season ended and the [Read more]

30 years young…not bad when you’re 28!

This weekend is a celebration of 30 years for the Brothers Australian Football Club, based in Rockhampton Central Queensland. I know there are some down south who may question why I’m making a big deal over a comparatively minor milestone, but to survive for this period in a Rugby League stronghold dealing with constant player [Read more]

Suns, Demons Roos, we’re all the same

Forgive me Almanackers for I have sinned, it has been 2 months since my last publication. It has been a hectic 2 months as well, but the results have been sadly lacking on the field across the board. From a combined 36 matches across the competitive grades and genders, there have been 3 wins across [Read more]


In the traditions of the TV Show 24 (for some reason I have ONE on the TV in the background)….The following takes place between 6:30AM and 11:00PM on Saurday 3 September 2011. 6:30AM: Wake up after short sleep, try to make sure footy gear is dry. 7:00: Warm shower, pleasantly surprised hot water is working. [Read more]


When we last spoke I mentioned that the finals series up here in sunny Capricornia was not that far away. Now we are well and truly inside the last month, and this weekend we are back down the highway to face BITS in the reserves 2nd semi-final. For me however it could have been all [Read more]

Local Footy: Finals around the corner (over a bridge, down a highway, past the pub….)

For a lot of leagues around the country, the month of September (once known as Septopia around 2007 according to the AFL) represents the opportunity for the best of the best to go after the silverware, pennants and copious amounts of celebratory beverages that are associated with ultimate glory. It does vary a little though [Read more]


You may remember last year when I discovered at the Brothers AFC presentation night that I was recognised for playing 146 combined senior and reserve grade matches for the club. Don’t be surprised if you didn’t, I even had to go back to past archives to try to find out if the figure at the [Read more]

Tragedy inspires comeback for an old stager

OK, so I did lie a little, my retirement lasted slightly shorter than an Australian swimmer but I guess the bug hits some people earlier than it does to others. Don’t ask why I’m doing this (I’m about to tell you anyway!), but unfinished business actually has nothing to do with it. I am typing [Read more]