Nought From Seven In Five Rounds

No the title is NOT misleading, even though the records and ladders will suggest the Brothers record will read 0-5 in both senior and reserve grade so far this season in Capricornia. The seven is derived from the number of games I’ve personally played this season, and if you take direct involvements in games into account this number increases to 11 thanks to using the whistle in 4 Under 13s matches (they’ve had more success than we have had).

The first couple of matches basically saw second half fade outs that blew the margin out to cricket score levels. In particular Gladstone piled on 12 goals in the last term and 19 in the second half when we looked to be in the game at half time. The muddies haven’t looked like winning a senior game since. The first game at home against BITS was worse, with scores virtually level at quarter time before we conceded 21 goals to 2. That said this version of the all conquering Saints hasn’t exactly been invincible, for this weekend we will try to be the third team to knock them off on their home patch. I honestly can’t remember the last time BITS have been beaten twice in a season at home, let alone by 2 different clubs.

Personally I have spent the last 3 matches playing in the senior side, but two of those matches have come after a full reserves game. Three weeks ago against Yeppoon wasn’t quite a repeat of the last time we met them (I only had to umpire one game and I got the last 2 minutes of the reserves game off) but once again we got pumped by a team that is probably the strongest team we’ve met all year. The only game where I haven’t had to turn out in the early game was a fortnight ago against Panthers, a game where we were well in contention to pinch until the last quarter. I suppose they were smart enough to drag me away from the half back line up the ground to try to beat me for pace.


It was after that game where things at the club seemed to go pear shaped. Whilst I don’t know or particularly care about all of the details, last Tuesday the coach resigned followed 2 days later by the president who was only elected in November. The word is that he (president not coach) wasn’t all that he seemed to be, which can happen at the elite level, but there was a rumor that he treated certain individuals in a manner not befitting of a person of authority. Just what happens at that level now is something that was being determined, but I probably won’t know until this weekend. This all comes on top of a number of our recruits for the season returning home for various reasons severely weakening the already fragile depth, we’ve had to rely on kids to fill out the reserves side for a few weeks.

So with stand in coaches trying to keep the ship somewhat on some sort of course, it was another challenge last Saturday against the undefeated Glenmore at their home ground. After playing another full reserves game where some of my tactics were not appreciated by the veteran that I was minding across half forward, it was another senior game for me immediately afterwards. After spending the bulk of my time in the senior side in the back half, it was back to the front half in the time I was required, although my thumb wasn’t exactly happy about it given it’s still swollen now, just need to give it a couple of days and it will be right as rain. It will have to be this weekend, which looms as the longest of the year so far, but more about that next weekend for it involves being in 3 cities in 2 days.

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39 Year Old, 16 year Bulldogs. over 280 combined senior/reserves appearances for Brothers AFC in AFL Capricornia. 26 time Marathon finisher, three time Ultra Marathon finisher and three time Comrades Marathon competitor (though not finisher yet).


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hang in there Mick.

    Looks like the Brothers webmaster was quick to get out the electronic whiteout and erase the President from the current Club Committee.

    How many games are you up to now ? At this rate you should hit the 300 in a couple of years.

  2. Mick

    The darkest hour is just before the dawn and BITS are looking set for the ultimate fall from grace. I’ve seen their last 2 losses at home and they are ripe for the Brothers to pluck (sic). Hit them hard in the 1st quarter and then deny their forwards space. They will panic.
    Good luck with the renewal of leadership at Brothers. The CAFL needs you!
    ps. Go Dees!

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