Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: Media beat up

“It was fantastic not to see any Kath and Kim look at me look at me umpiring.” The Rulebook has his say on THAT final mark. What do you think?

Junior Umpiring: Seeking Gender Equality at the Grass Roots

‘Aside from the cash difference, my major concern is the message this payment system sends to junior umpires.’ Georgina Hibberd noticed something on the payment sheet when her son took up junior umpiring that perpetuates the attitude of women’s and girls’ footy being seen as ‘less’.

When Alex Rance….

Lance, Rance, and Ray are set to verse.

Fearless: 2018 Round13- The Bye Rounds #3…how many umpires do you need?

Fearless has something to say about umpires and rule changes, as well as reviewing Round 14 games.

‘Free’ Thinking and ‘The State of the Game’

Peter Baulderstone is happy with his Eagles but wonders if rugby tactics are taking over the Australian game. Some musing on changing the risk/reward of free kicks to encourage open running, long kicking and high marking (explain it to your kids).

Raving Rulebook No.2

The Almanac’s multi-media megastar Rulebook is back with the second installment of Raving Rulebook. Now available on YouTube.

Round 10 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: the Pedant’s Lament

A cracking game of footy but did the umpire get the Dixon call right? A frame of reference wouldn’t go astray

Round 5 – St Kilda v Geelong: Encouragement of Loving

Yoshi reviews the game between his beloved Saints and the undefeated Cats.

Umpiring Into The Future

Wesley Hull speaks to David Rodan and Stephen Nicholls about The National Male Kickstart & All Nations Championships which is giving aspiring young umpires an opportunity to be involved in footy.