In the traditions of the TV Show 24 (for some reason I have ONE on the TV in the background)….The following takes place between 6:30AM and 11:00PM on Saurday 3 September 2011.

6:30AM: Wake up after short sleep, try to make sure footy gear is dry.

7:00: Warm shower, pleasantly surprised hot water is working.

7:15: Quick shave before changing into club shirt and jeans as indicated as appropriate dress code on Thursday Night.

7:30: Quick scour of Facebook, E-Mail etc.

8:00: Walk out front door armed with footy gear, but without bottle of Gatorade. Decide not worth turning around, looking backwards not an option today.

8:35: Buy new belt from Target as jeans are falling down and old belt too worn to wear.

8:45: Taxi to our home ground where team would meet before game, as happened last year when team was successful. No surprise to be first at ground but shortly joined by others.

9:20: Have 2 cups of water and not eat any of the fruit/lollies on offer, sticking to routine of not eating anything after Friday Night Pizza.

9:40: Semi participate in quiz that teammate has prepared, related to movies. This would have started 10 minutes earlier if Daz had remembered to bring writing implements to answer with.

9:45: Have ankles strapped. Being GF day and having limited access (Under 15’s would not vacate rooms until close to half time of Under 17’s) and time to get prepared it is decided to give trainer time to do everything here rather than rushing and strapping everything in public view.

10:15: After paying half attention to answers, enter home rooms for team meeting. Get player pass for gate entry, something that last week wasn’t required thanks to early arrival.

10:40: Purchase ticket for club presentation night (held Saturday 17 September) so that president does not have to chase me for an RSVP.

10:50: Get transported to ground by trainer, pass time by discussing family.

11:00: Trainer picks up 2 sons who were at their father’s home, one of whom is attached at her hip.

11:15: Enter Stenlake Park, forget to get mistake riddled Football Record. It is discovered that an insert page had to be added when the senior GF was NOT going to be BITS vs Glenmore, and even then the Yeppoon team list for the senior GF was from the previous season.

11:30: Get changed in room, want toilet break but teammate overcome with nerves remains in toilet for ages. End up having to pee in shower.

12:10 PM: Exit rooms with bag which is placed with others with our supporters.

12:15: Begin lengthy stretching routine interrupted by well wishers and others who think that other methods are a better warm-up.

12:25: Participate in dynamic warm-up before a game for the first time that season (a break from routine). Ambulance called onto ground to bring Under 17’s game to premature end.

12:35: Walk behind trees/grandstand as a unit, preparing to enter ground.

12:38: Run through banner

12:44: Head to bench where I would sit until midway through 2nd term

1:34: Introduced into game, put at full-forward where I have not played all season save for a period in the 2nd semi final. Someone wasn’t watching how or where some of us played throughout the year I think.

1:37: Have only realistic shot for goal, put too much curl on snap shot that goes out on the full.

1:40: Half time, well and truly in contention. Feel cramped by too many people giving too much advice. Routine again disrupted with team talk virtually over midway through interval.

1:45: Begin 2nd half

1:55: Benched after ball barely gets down to forward half

2:05: Three Quarter Time, trail by 20 points.

2:10: Begin final quarter

2:15: Premiership virtually decided after BITS kick a couple of quick goals, just as their seniors did to our seniors just over a month ago.

2:25: Belatedly brought back on ground in more suited position.

2:28: Get 2nd kick of day……off Half Back

2:30: Siren, lost by 7 goals. Stand with hands on hips watching BITS players celebrate as only premiership sides can.

2:35: Stand at presentation area waiting for BITS who are waiting for their seniors to run out.

2:40: BITS players FINALLY get to presentation area where we have been waiting for an eternity.

2:43: Presentation of our medals for finishing 2nd interrupted by playing of National Anthem.

2:46: Get medal thanks to encouragement from teammates. Honestly didn’t hear elderly lady on microphone read out my name. It didn’t help that senior GF had just started.

2:51: Watch BITS players hold up shield and flag.

2:53: Put medal in bottom of now retrieved footy bag where it remains as we speak.

3:00: Change back into club gear

3:05: Talk with old man, promise to come around to his place the next day (alcohol and work got in the way)

4:40: Arrange transport to leave ground after senior GF becomes predictably one sided.

4:50: Stop at Bunnings so that transport provider can get fathers day gift card

5:00: Red Rooster stop, transport provider stunned that I can lose weight whilst eating so much!

5:50: Meet up at team’s local establishment for after match drinks. Typical drunk talk follows.

Through all of that it was disappointing to lose a Grand Final, something that not many of us hopefully have to go through. For me and one other teammate it wasn’t quite redemption after missing out on the 44 (seniors and reserves) the previous year. For some it was, upon later reflection, an achievement to at least have a shot at defending our crown on the big day. So it’s onto presentation night this weekend, then I’m off to the AFL Grand Final a fortnight later. Hope to be back again next season, who knows I may even get dropped to the 1’s!

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32 Year Old, Bulldogs Member and tragic. Reserve Grade coach after over 225 combined senior/reserves appearances for Brothers AFC in AFL Capricornia. 11 time Marathon finisher, one time Ultra Marathon finisher and Comrades Marathon competitor 2017.


  1. Mick, nice work that.

    Sorry about the GF.

    Enjoy the off-season.

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