Pre-Season: Can a limited numbers comp work for the AFL?

Mick Jeffrey has seen the success of the Auckland Rugby League Nines. He’s got some ideas for the AFL to stage an equivalent pre-season tournament.

2016 AFL Draft Preview

Paddy Grindlay has put forward his round 1 top 20 picks for the AFL Draft. What are your selections and has Paddy nailed them?

Local Footy: Hot in the (Rum) City Tonight

Join Mick Jeffrey in his Nth Qld pre-season odyysey

A Footy Season Greeting from The Old Dog

The Old Dog finds Christmas in March, with a pre-season message for everyone.

The Forgotten Premierships

George Smith takes a stroll down memory lane, inviting us to recall the forgotten premierships.

A place for the pre-season cup

The pre-season cup should be contested by the top six clubs from the previous season, says Miles Wilks.

Crio’s Question: How would you improve the pre-season comp?

It’s easy to bag the AFL’s pre-season process but do you have a better system?

An illustrated view of the NAB Cup

What exactly does the NAB Cup count for? And does it give an accurate reflection into the performances of the players and teams’ season ahead?

Preseason pretence

  by Jamie Gault As we approach round three of the AFL season and start to, as the fans, settle into the 24/7 football bubble that encapsulates the community at this time of year, let’s take a moment to reflect on what has come and gone and how we got sucked in yet again. Getting [Read more]

The Dark Months

  by Jamie Simmons Is it March 24th yet? Anyone? No! How about now? Forgive me Almanackers if the largely incoherent ramblings that follow appear to mark my early descent into madness. I am normally a proud man (well, as proud as a man who walks to the shop in Star Wars themed slippers can [Read more]

Pre-Season Promise

Start Level 1……..BEEP…. Don’t exert too much. Just get to the line. It’s almost a walk at the start It’s probably not a ‘beep’, to be fair. It isn’t high-pitched enough to warrant an ‘ee’. More like a ‘duuurrrrt’. It is the calling of the legendary ‘beep test’ and it is but one facet of [Read more]


We all read in the newspapers about the clubs gradually coming back from the mandated breaks from the club to return to formalised pre-season training every year. How players are dreading the hard slog of endurance running, fitness testing and a smattering of skill which won’t kick into gear until shortly after the last strains [Read more]

Off Season?? Game On!!

Damn the torpedos and hoist the mainsail, I’ve got an idea.  I know we should be gearing up for season proper, honing our Richmond jokes, Arelditing one eye shut and devising an app to decode Razor Ray Chamberlin, but think on this. I have enjoyed the off-season more than any self respecting football purist has [Read more]

Pre-season in the Tassie mountains

Last night was a good one. Everything that’s great about Tasmania, the Wild West down South. I’d missed my team’s last practice match and needed a run, so drove up to the mountains of Scotsdale, where a bush league was having a pre-season lightning Comp, and whored myself to the first team who needed me. [Read more]

Tragedy inspires comeback for an old stager

OK, so I did lie a little, my retirement lasted slightly shorter than an Australian swimmer but I guess the bug hits some people earlier than it does to others. Don’t ask why I’m doing this (I’m about to tell you anyway!), but unfinished business actually has nothing to do with it. I am typing [Read more]

Willaston Dreams

Pictures by Almanacker Peter Argent It’s a great time of the year for footballers around the country. Wherever they might be. Some have been hard at it all summer. Running with squinted eyes through the shimmery white heat, loving and hating (at once) the beads of sweat which trickle between their shoulder blades, down the [Read more]

In Pre Season, Speculation Springs Eternal

Conventional football wisdom appears to have undergone a major reversal in recent times. Not so long ago, it was a given that winning back-to-back flags was a task achievable by only the greatest teams. History still supports this view. Yet recently, every reigning premier begins the season lauded as a dynasty in waiting. Numerous are [Read more]

Melbourne Intra-Club Match

By Steve Healy The intra club game, in my opinion symbolises the end of the unknown, and brings forth the hype and happiness of a new season. It seemed too that the weather had been in conjunction with it all. It had been uncomfortably hot for the past few days, but light rain drizzled and [Read more]

And so it begins…

It’s been a little over three weeks since the last AFL game, and I’m already missing the hustle and bustle of the AFL. Richmond began their pre-season training today, with the first to third year players stepping back out on to the field of battle in preparation for the 2011 season. Holidays are over, its [Read more]