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'Comfort Food: Dinner at the Ink'  Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner at the Inkerman Hotel, East St Kilda. (pic. Steve Baker)

‘Comfort Food’
Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner (pic: Steve Baker)


From family lunches or dinner at Christmas, birthdays, elaborate and ostentatious engagements or wedding celebrations to the simplicity and bonhomie of the Sunday roast or lazy summer barbecues, food brings us together as much as it divides us (viz: Brussel sprouts, kale, anchiovies, wheatgrass).  Shake it anyway you like, food is at the centre of our lives: it is physical and spiritual sustenance.

In the pages of The Foody Almanac, we invite you to share your story with us.

You might want to give us your favourite recipe and the stories behind it that make it special to you. It might be the story of a pub or restaurant or event – its location, its people (especially) and its food – or it could be a regular catch-up with friends that holds a special place on the calendar.

We’re looking forward to devouring your words.


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