Almanac Music: Geography, geometry and the cartography of loss… revisiting Jimmy Webb’s By the Time I Get to Phoenix

As Smokie has got us in a musical mood, let’s revisit this Almanac classic from 2015, which even drew the attention of the great man Jimmy Webb himself. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with Cranky Pete’s wonderful discussion of ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’.

Almanac Junior Footy: Wilkins Girls kicking the Heeney out of Greene (originally published in the SMH)

Crankypete points us in the direction of this piece celebrating girls’ footy in Sydney (first published in the Sydney Morning Herald). He’s one of the very proud Dads.

Tasmania – Let The Footy Flow…

Another Tassie footy vignette, this time a melodic take from Apple Isler Cranky Pete.

The false hope of King Arthur, the Border wars and the collapse of the Lehmann Brothers – a plea against insider training

Crankypete looks at cricket history. And at today.

He concludes: “So either these guys in Australian cricket are duds at hist0ry. Or have just found a convenient way of getting their mates into a team, against a hapless opponent.”



Cranky Pete has the final word on the career of Shane Watson. He is now ready to move on.

Almanac Cricket: Peace and war; a selection minefield – 1979-80 revisited.

Peter Warrington looks at what transpired in and around the 1979-80 Test series (England and West Indies toured that summer), the first series after the WSC split. Great memories. Intriguing analysis.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Cranky Pete’s ode to the great Victor Trumper.
“He was twice as good, and averaged half as much as, Smith”

From Billy Elliott to Suedehead, in 6 minutes in the car, on a glorious Marrickville morning

Cranky Pete has a music revolution in a six minute span whilst driving home.

The death and births of ODIs

As T20 cricket continues to eclipse its 50-over cousin, Crankypete fondly remembers the first birth of ODI cricket.

Almanac Music: The close shave

Newtown saved by Hipsters? Crankypete puts this illusory scenario into words.

Almanac Music: Stereo Stories – early Breakfast at Sweethearts

Crankypete soothes his soul and insomniac relief with the Chisels Breakfast at Sweethearts remembering a certain time and a certain place.

Round 6 – Richmond v Port Adelaide

Short and concise – Cranky Pete reviews Richmond’s latest loss.

Oh we’re from Neverland…

Richmond needs to rebuild according to Cranky Pete.

Foody Almanac: Extra thyme

Crankypete gets to watch all the footy he likes – if he cooks. Three ripper recipes – beautifully constructed. “Unconcrete the pears”. [This is funny, and homely – Ed]

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright…

Crankypete remembers Crankybill (O’Reilly) and his views on shorter form cricket.

Beyond Bradmania

DG Bradman’s first game for St George in November 1926 is the dawn of modern cricket history according to “Cranky” Pete Warrington. But let’s not discount those who came came before The Don. Cricket’s “Golden Age” needs to be remembered.

Talking trots and Trotsky and the distribution of dog tracks

Crankypete needs your help. It’s to do with the spatial distribution of trotting tracks in south eastern Australia…

January 1933 – The Empire Strikes Back

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Peter Warrington has an idea to share. And he’s made a magnificent start, with an account of the cultural and sporting events of January 1933 as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald [A mighty effort – Ed].

Hazlewood, not Lee… Selectors. Media. Groupthink. Ageism.

CrankyPete wants to know your ideal selection for the Australian bowling attack. He’s gotten the ball rolling with a BIG call…

It’s Tiger Time!

Cranky Pete has done some analysis, and his conclusion? 2016 will be the Year of the Tiger