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'Comfort Food: Dinner at the Ink'  Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner at the Inkerman Hotel, East St Kilda. (pic. Steve Baker)

‘Comfort Food’
Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner (pic: Steve Baker)


From family lunches or dinner at Christmas, birthdays, elaborate and ostentatious engagements or wedding celebrations to the simplicity and bonhomie of the Sunday roast or lazy summer barbecues, food brings us together as much as it divides us (viz: Brussel sprouts, kale, anchiovies, wheatgrass).  Shake it anyway you like, food is at the centre of our lives: it is physical and spiritual sustenance.

In the pages of The Foody Almanac, we invite you to share your story with us.

You might want to give us your favourite recipe and the stories behind it that make it special to you. It might be the story of a pub or restaurant or event – its location, its people (especially) and its food – or it could be a regular catch-up with friends that holds a special place on the calendar.

We’re looking forward to devouring your words.


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Petrel Hotel reopens, so we’re ‘on the beers’!

The three funsters have been out for lunch at the re-opened Petrel Hotel in Geelong West, easing back into post-COVID life, and all the better for the pleasure of a ‘cold pub beer from well-maintained lines’.

Fish and Chips Review: Sotos of Semaphore

Claire and Mickey have been checking out the fish and chips available down Semaphore way. Inclement weather mixed with satisfying cuisine to the accompaniment of eclectic music.

Sausage Roll Review: Orange Spot Bakery, Glenelg

Another sausage roll, another sausage roll review. Mickey Randall puts the taste buds to the test with his latest sausage roll review. Did that sausage roll pass the Mickey taste test?

Desert Island Drinks – What will it be sir/madam?

Marooned on a desert island, magically you’ve got your music, books and food to comfort you, so now, to top it all off, what will you have to drink?

Desert Island Food – Fuel for the body

We’ve fed the soul, we’ve fed the mind, now it’s time to feed the body. Nominate a meal miraculously produced for your indulgence marooned on a desert island.

Sausage Roll Review: Banjo’s, Moseley Square, Glenelg

Mickey Randall has partaken in a taste test of sausage rolls purchased from a new bakery in Adelaide. And his verdict? Find out here.

The Uplifting and Unparalleled Uraidla & Summertown Show

The local Show brings together the disparate threads of community life. Mickey and Claire took the omnivores along to the Uraidla and Summertown Show to take in the pleasures on offer in the Adelaide Hills.

Round 15 – Geelong v Adelaide: All roads (and trains) lead the Cats faithful and others to Billy’s pub

It’s hard to tell what Roger Lowrey enjoyed most – the dedication of the lads from the West, the Cats’ win over Adelaide or the meal at Billy’s. Sounds like a pretty good trifecta!

Pub Review – The Macclesfield: Man v Megalodon Hamburger

Mickey Randall has a challenge on his hands, how does he eat the megaloden, whole or deconstruct? Find out how he resolves this issue confronting him at the Macclesfield Hotel.

Almanac Food: Art and beauty in various forms

Ian Hauser is travelling in Europe and savouring the gastronomical delights on offer. Here he describes two very different set-course meals. [Very envious – Ed]