Driving Songs: An Almanac Playlist Completed

The People’s Republic of Almanac has beaten Triple J to the punch this year. Emma Westwood has put us all in the Driver’s Seat with her lovingly curated playlist.

Driving Songs: An Almanac Roadtrip*

Emma Westwood, channels both Thelma and Louise with her ‘top down’ roadtrip soundtrack. What do you think and what’s on yours?

A Call to Arms: Crowdfunding

A short rallying cry to gather around all ye ‘Knackers, and let’s smash this thing out of the park.

Confessions of a Klutz

Everyone has something to ‘fess up to. Emma Westwood decides now is the right time, before this Almanac thing gets messy.

Foody Almanac : How Do You Know You’re In A Melbourne Café?

If you’re not a Melbournian, the city’s café culture can be tricky to negotiate. For our non-Victorian Almanac brethren who plan on visiting ol’ Melba’s Town during the footy season, Emma Westwood’s guide to Melbourne café culture is essential reading.

Foody Almanac : The Beast From 20,000 Grapes – The Wine Lover’s Guide to Horror Films

You think the humble grape has no place in the viewing of horror films? From Godzilla to Alien, The Exorcist to Evil Dead and Dracula to Frankenstein, Emma Westwood presents the wine lovers guide to horror films.

Once Was Flinders Park

As day one at the Australian Open gets under way, Emma Westwood fondly recalls her love affair with Mats Wilander [as do lots of the ladies – Ed], his army of Nordic supporters and how the Australian Open tennis is inextricably linked to the loss of a friend.