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'Comfort Food: Dinner at the Ink'  Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner at the Inkerman Hotel, East St Kilda. (pic. Steve Baker)

‘Comfort Food’
Bangers, mash, veg and a schooner (pic: Steve Baker)


From family lunches or dinner at Christmas, birthdays, elaborate and ostentatious engagements or wedding celebrations to the simplicity and bonhomie of the Sunday roast or lazy summer barbecues, food brings us together as much as it divides us (viz: Brussel sprouts, kale, anchiovies, wheatgrass).  Shake it anyway you like, food is at the centre of our lives: it is physical and spiritual sustenance.

In the pages of The Foody Almanac, we invite you to share your story with us.

You might want to give us your favourite recipe and the stories behind it that make it special to you. It might be the story of a pub or restaurant or event – its location, its people (especially) and its food – or it could be a regular catch-up with friends that holds a special place on the calendar.

We’re looking forward to devouring your words.


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The tomato and me

Ahh, the joys of the humble tomato! Mickey Randall tomatosises about their pros and cons.

Almanac Cricket (and Food): Finding Duleep Mendis in Colonel Light’s Cafe

In Adelaide’s innovative suburb of Colonel Light Gardens, a new cafe has opened up. It serves Sri Lankan food. It’s owned by the Mendis family. Michael Sexton tells this tale of food and cricket.

Foody Almanac: Extra thyme

Crankypete gets to watch all the footy he likes – if he cooks. Three ripper recipes – beautifully constructed. “Unconcrete the pears”. [This is funny, and homely – Ed]

Australia’s Finest Lunch (Enjoy this lunch and help the Almanac)

This is one of Australia’s finest lunches. You will remember this afternoon to the end of your days.

This lunch is available to individuals or groups. It is $500 per person. More than half the fee will go to the Almanac’s crowdfunding campaign. To sign on email John Harms:

Home on the Grange

Football, cricket, Weber BBQs and Penfolds Grange Hermitage. Mickey Randall ponders aloud if you can you have too much of a good thing?

Foody Almanac : Are you a pie or pastie person?

Peter Baulderstone launches (lunches?) into the Foody Almanac with the origins of his love for pasties. Who would have thought that footy, childhood and sex would be at the root of our food fancies. Are you a pie or a pastie person?

Almanac Wine: Songs of Sparkling Shiraz

“Sparkling shiraz is the viticultural Skyhooks. Unheard of in Europe. Never caught on in America. Yet enduringly significant and loved in Australia,” writes Mickey Randall in this cracking piece about the magnificent drop. [have had a few myself – JTH]

Foody Almanac : How Do You Know You’re In A Melbourne Café?

If you’re not a Melbournian, the city’s café culture can be tricky to negotiate. For our non-Victorian Almanac brethren who plan on visiting ol’ Melba’s Town during the footy season, Emma Westwood’s guide to Melbourne café culture is essential reading.

Foody Almanac : The Beast From 20,000 Grapes – The Wine Lover’s Guide to Horror Films

You think the humble grape has no place in the viewing of horror films? From Godzilla to Alien, The Exorcist to Evil Dead and Dracula to Frankenstein, Emma Westwood presents the wine lovers guide to horror films.

Foody Almanac : Hoy Heng, Lest We Forget

Food, community and traditions: Steve Baker evokes a time when Footscray called the Western Oval its home and Chinese food in Barkly Street was a post-match ritual for Doggies fans.