Living in the moment – and I mean, the moment!

In this honest and frank offering, Almanac favourite Jan Courtin shares her challenging experiences loving and caring for her beloved Marshall who is struggling with dementia. (Raw and courageous writing at its best – Ed.)

Almanac History – What happened on January 9?

Former student and teacher of History Ian Hauser looks back at significant people and events associated with January 9. Ring any bells?

Almanac Life: Keeping things in perspective

Ange Pippos writes that her ruptured Achilles is nowt more than inconvenience when compared to the devastation and suffering of those impacted so tragically by the bushfires.

Almanac Roadtrips: Tea in Taree

Kate Birrell and family take the road to Taree, and arrive just in time for tea.

Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Common Cause

Deakin writing student Ben Kirkby (who has written for the Almanac in recent times) begins his new column about his writers’ group which meets regularly to chew the fat about their writing and the process of writing. (Welcome back Ben – Ed)

Almanac Contemplation: Anson Cameron’s latest (from the Fairfax press)

Anson Cameron returns to Shepp and environs.

Sausage Roll Review: Orange Spot Bakery, Glenelg

Another sausage roll, another sausage roll review. Mickey Randall puts the taste buds to the test with his latest sausage roll review. Did that sausage roll pass the Mickey taste test?

Letter of reply to Paddy Grindlay’s “Black Summer”

From a position of scientific qualification, knowledge and expertise, David Wilson presents his point of view on climate change, with the intelligence, authority and passion of one educated with the facts, to offer his support for Paddy Grindlay’s “Black Summer”. [Fantastic ER! Eds]

Black Summer

Paddy Grindlay has a message for Scott Morrison, a message he articulates so well in this time of catastrophe and emergency, his thoughts and words we emphatically embrace. [Well said Paddy! Eds]

Almanac Life – 6,000,000th viewer coming up!

Today, someone will click onto the Footy Almanac website to bring up the 6,000,000th view of the site since its inception. Will you be that person?

Almanac Music: Best Australian Albums of 2019

Smokie Dawson listens to plenty of music, much of it Australian. After some deliberation, he presents to you his 10 best Australian albums of the year just past.

Almanac Desert Island – What’s next?

The Almanac Desert island can be a lonely place. Some company would be nice. So if it could magically happen, who’d you like for company on the island?

Best songs of 2019 by Rick Kane

Les Everett shares the musical tastes of Almanacker Rick Kane with this list of Rick’s Top 12 Songs of 2019.

Spreadin’ The News

From Almanac work experience in 2015, Bridget ‘MCG Pie Girl’ Schwerdt is embarking on a new life adventure in 2020. [Good luck ‘Pie Girl’ and all the best! Eds.]

Almanac Music: Top Albums of 2019

Luke Reynolds has named his favourite albums for the year. Is your favourite there?

Mike Sexton in India: Finding Cricket and Space in Delhi

Delhi is a crowded city in India, space for cricket is at a premium, and Mike Sexton wonders at the delights of cricketers developing their talents there and abroad. This was all part of a trip to India where Mike was able to launch and talk about his book Border’s Battlers.

A Family of Tossers

So Helena Schwerdt wins the Bay Sheffield. Yes, she’s from the famous sheaf-tossing family. Here’s their story, as told by Almanac lynchpin Swish Schwerdt:

Have you been wondering if Swish Schwerdt is related to the famous South Australian sheaf tossing Schwerdts? Not actually sure what sheaf tossing is? Let Swish enlighten you.

Desert Island Drinks – What will it be sir/madam?

Marooned on a desert island, magically you’ve got your music, books and food to comfort you, so now, to top it all off, what will you have to drink?

Almanac Cricket – The all-time Australian men’s MCG XI: dodging the snorefest

It’s one thing to get the runs on the board on a flat deck, quite another when the game is in the balance. Dave Brown looks at the best men’s performances at the MCG over the years

A Superb Christmas Song

Christmas time! What better time than to bring out your favourite Christmas songs for their yearly airing. Mickey Randall writes about his favourites.