Yvette’s Very Excellent Adventure Chapter 53: A Night of Football

Two Almanackers meet on the other side of the globe as Yvette Wroby goes to her first game of American football. Great seats, an open roof and millions watching. It’s a whole new world of security, scale and timing, topped off by the perfect storm of a game.

Tits, Tips, Trailer Trash & The Truth

Peter Baulderstone offers suggested reading of the best articles from the international sporting web. The title is just bait and switch marketing. This is the sort of stuff that Litza used to write before Rupert’s $ seduced him.

Giant showdown

  by Michael Parker One of the by products of currently only working part time is more time to indulge in sport on TV.  And when One HD isn’t giving us old episodes of M.A.S.H or Cops, it occasionally still serves its original purpose of televising sporting contests. It has given me the chance to [Read more]

Customer Relations NFL Style

Mulcaster provided this state of the art example of customer relations in American professional sports. We suspect that felt good.

GIGA BITES 2 – Director’s Cut

Below is a significantly extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 12th February, 2011.   by Andrew Gigacz   DRAWING A LONG (SUPER) BOW(L) Super Bowl XLV was played this week and the Green Bay Packers’ winning score of 31 should have come as no surprise, especially given the fact [Read more]

Football hero’s homeless grace

Just because you’re down doesn’t mean you have to be out. Brian Doyle tells a beautiful story of a struggling ex footballer who returns to the place where things worked well for him. http://www.eurekastreet.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=21978 Courtesy of Eureka Street

Film Review: Bullock’s Blind Side is well-meaning but misses mark

Film: The Blind Side Release: 2010 Director: John Lee Hancock Starring: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Kathy Bates Reviewer: John Butler Anyone with an interest in the USA – and largely thanks to Hollywood, that would be many of us – would probably agree that part of the fascination lies in the many paradoxes and contradictions [Read more]

American Football: The Saints finally march in

By Cade Lucas. It was gonna be great. I had all these grand pretensions of getting right into the swing of the Superbowl. It was gonna be all buffalo wings, cheese fries and Budweiser. Instead it was gluggy porridge and black coffee as I staggered out of my bedroom just in time for the kick [Read more]

American football: Clear-eyed Colts stand in way of Saints’ Superbowl fairytale

By Cade Lucas Well it’s almost that time of year again. You know the one. It’s a Monday morning in late January or early February. You switch on the TV and, ‘Oh yeah, that Superbowl thing’s on.’ And so you lounge on the couch in your pyjamas till mid afternoon, trying to work out what [Read more]

American football: Favre leads all-star cast in Hollywood finals

By Cade Lucas Among the many weird and wonderful pleasures afforded Australian viewers by the arrival of Channel 10’s One HD channel, the orgy of American sport it delivers into Australian loungerooms, free of charge, at a conveniently pleasant hour of the morning, is among the best. And chief among these sports is that most [Read more]

American football: Mixed feelings for New York fans

By Adan Hesketh I’m living in New York and I’m pretty excited about the NFL playoffs. The mood in town is predominantly a mixture of excitement (and optimism) for the Jets, who looked no chance to even make finals late in the season, and disgust/disinterest from Giants fans, who had expected a lot more and [Read more]