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Interested to know if you are watching the Superbowl, who you are supporting, and what you make of it all.


  1. I turned on the Super Bowl buts its a replay of the 2007 Cats/Port GF. The blue and white hoops are murdering them.

  2. Gawd. The half time ‘entertainment’ is even worse than the game. Pseudo R&B synth pop.
    Mars Needs Guitars.

  3. Okay, so I’m coming at this post-hoc, but thought that I would share.

    Watched my first Superbowl in 1981 and have been hooked on NFL ever since. Go Cowboys!

    I’ve been fortunate enough to watch the greats of the game like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Jay Novacek, Erik Dickerson, Reggie White and… the list is endless.

    Watched the Superbowl at home and supported Seattle given that they had never won a Superbowl title whereas Denver have been to the top of the mountain under John Elway and Mike Shanahan on previous occasions.

    I don’t claim to be an expert on the game, however, an understanding of how offenses and defenses operate (nickel packages, 4-man rush ‘in the shotgun’ etc), running down the clock, drawing fouls etc makes it so much more interesting to watch.

    Even though the final scoreline was a total blowout, Seattle were absolutely dominant (duh). Everything Denver threw at the Seahwaks was chewed up and spat out. The right team won, leaving no room for fanciful ‘what if’s…’ If the season showed us anything, it’s that this Seahwaks team under Pete Carroll is mean, nasty (within the rules) and hungry. The end margin illustrates Seattle’s penchant for putting the Blundstone’s firmly on their opponents throats and never letting up.

    Today’s game was an example of the two best teams from the opposing conferences coming together and one elevating themselves to new heights. Decry the fact that it was a stampede (no pun intended Denver fans) all you want, but if you crave drama and excitement, there’s always daytime TV. Every now and then in sports, it just so happens that one team turns up so ready to play and so ridiculously focused (Seattle) and their opponent – for whatever reason – just isn’t in the same game. That was Denver today.

    Much smarter people than I are already suggesting that this Seahawks unit is reminiscent of the San Francisco 49’ers under Bill Walsh in the late 70s and the 1980s. There’ll only ever be one Joe Montana, but there’s no doubt that Pete Carroll’s Seahawks are set for a big few seasons if they stick to what they do well and can keep the Legion of Boom together.

  4. Stephanie Holt says

    Those intangibles are why we keep watching sport. There’s a magic no amount of analysis can predict. Nice report.

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