Cricket: saddled with inefficiencies

Pete Zitterschlager has had a gutful of cricket’s inefficiencies and wastefulness. He’s here to change that.

How to win in India the “Hi-Tech” way

Cricketing tours of India are well known for oppressive conditions and terrible pitches. Not to worry though, Peter Zitterschlager has the solution.

Cricket in Hell

P. Pete resurrects an old piece he wrote about cricket, first published in his book Viv Tufnell: the book before the sequel.

Q & A with Adelaide’s cult security guard

With an exclusive interview with Adelaide’s cult figure of a security guard, Peter Zitterschlager drops in a pearler just in time for Christmas.

Cricket’s endangered “species”

Punxsutawney Pete has identified several species of cricketer that face extinction at the hands of asteroid that is T20. Great read

Almanac Cricket: “Is this your fifty, mate?” A day at the Sheffield Shield

Tbone proves that a day out at the Sheffield Shield is worth more than the admission price.

Kayne Calls for DRS at the Grammys

Imagine if Awards ceremonies allowed DRS. Peter Zitterschlager pictures Kanye West taking issue with Beck at this year’s Grammy Awards recently and plays third umpire on the referral. [Harsh, but fair. – Ed]

Does the concept of the Test tour serve cricket’s best interests?

Peter Zitterschlager says it’s time to end anachronistic Test cricket tours and replace them with a World Cricket League.

A Not-so Hare-Brained Idea for an Aussie Rules World Cup (or is it?)

Inspired by the Asian Cup and last year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Peter Zitterschlager throws down the gauntlet and delivers his manifesto for an Australian rules World Cup.

A bunch of stuff about this summer’s cricket … kind of

Peter Zitterschlager with some advice for KFC ad makers, some advice for Mo Matthews, and a plug for his own fictional character Viv Tufnell. [If PZ feels the need to explain his own images, metaphors and similes, that’s up to him – Ed]

A not so hair-brained idea to revive the torp (or is it?)

T-Bone has a plan to restore the romance of the shot on the siren. Does your side have a “torp specialist”?

The tweeted selfie: is it a new low?

Peter Zitterschlager contemplates the age of the tweeted selfie.

Theatregoers: your comprehensive guide to the Grand Final.

Peter Zitterschlager gives some advice.

Footy: the real mayhem used to be after the final siren

Peter Zitterschlager recalls the determination a generation of young footy fans to conquer the outer and the take to the ground for a pat and a kick in the mud.

AFL Round 6 – West Coast Eagles v Western Bulldogs: Facts, curiosities, odds and ends

If you want to know what happened at Subiaco on the weekend, it was the umpires what did it, says Bulldogs fan Peter Zitterschlager in a therapeutic rant.

3 votes for 2 kicks and 1 handball

Pete Zitterschlager explains his approach to umpiring and its impact on the known universe (especially his).

Man vs AFL with Bear Grylls – episode 3

Squirrel grips, 4&20s and hospital passes – it’s been a tough initiation for Bear Grylls and it seems the worst is yet to come.

Man vs AFL – episode 2

Bear Grylls is finding a game of AFL his toughest challenge yet – and it’s not even quarter time!

Man vs AFL

Bear Grylls embarks on his biggest challenge yet – a game of AFL.

Cricket the social climber

You know what cricket reminds Peter Zitterschlager of these days: a school kid that’s desperately trying to make itself popular.