AFL Round 18: The View from Shepparton

A couple of weeks ago I chucked off at Rugby Union saying in effect that it was the weakest of the three main codes. I have suddenly changed my mind! What a great win by the Brumbies in South Africa. As the Australian reported yesterday, “It took a last gasp try by Brumbies outside centre Tevita Kuridrani in the 78th minute to secure the win and put the Brumbies in their first final since 2004”. To which I ask, ”Tevita who”? and  what on earth is an “outside centre”? Still as opposed to the mauls which I don’t understand and leave me for dead the highlights reel  I saw looked pretty good. So come on Brumbies in Hamilton next Saturday, might even make the effort to watch.


In our code there  are moments in footy and then there are moments in footy (although the above mentioned winning try would be equal to and as important as any of these). I can think of three game changers or perhaps clangers or perhaps coach killers.


  1. Akermanis in the 2004 Grand Final trying a short kick across the half forward line Brisbane Port Adelaide 2004 Grand Final, third quarter. Kicked missed its mark and Port rushed the ball to the other end for a goal which gave them  the lead I am pretty sure.
  2. Dangerfield, last quarter 2012 Preliminary Final Adelaide v Hawthorn, storming towards goal to increase Adelaide’s very small lead brought down by a last gasp brilliant tackle by a Hawthorn opponent.
  3. Merrett being told to play on after he appeared to step off the (full back) line in the last quarter of yesterday’s game my mob v Port. Bye bye Lions for 2013. Even as a biased Lions supporter my first instinct was that he had played on.


The overall results of round 18 were pretty predictable really apart from West Coast going down to the Dogs,  must have been as I got eight out of nine, I guess that the stand outs were Buddy’s eight goals, Cameron’s seven, now that WAS an exciting match until the last quarter, a Sprawls win would have been fantastic.


With Brisbane’s now final demise I really hope that Port get into the eight ahead of the Blues.


Richmond were outclassed but all the same they were playing Sydney at home so they should be given some slack for that. The other view point is of course that Sydney looked awesome.


Hawthorn thrashed Essendon but at the end of the year it probably won’t matter much. Really, given the controversy surrounding the club it is a miracle that Essendon rose to second in the first place.


West Coast are finished this year too but I think that all clubs are bound to have a down year from time to time. Bit disappointing though in the context that many saw them as a potential a Grand Finalist this year.


Adelaide were never going to beat Freo at home based on this year’s form.


St Kilda have morphed into hopelessness but with Melbourne such a result is business as usual unfortunately.


Highlights: The Brumbies  AND Sally Pearson.


Lo lights; In advance this week! the Australian cricket team’s position at the end of day 3! Cyclist O’Grady (not in advance).

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  1. Steve Baker says

    Naitanui, Judd, Cousins… you know its a good talent pool in the upcoming draft when the Weagles stop flying

  2. daniel flesch says

    Intrigued by Buddy’s comment after the game when Tim Watson remarked on the good service Buddy had got from his midfielders. “Yes , after the season i’ll have to buy Mitchell a beer.” Firstly , i thought , a bit odd to refer to a team-mate by his surname ; but also , on Buddy’s current measly $800 K p.a. he could at least make it a case of Grange . Or two.

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