Winners and losers all over the place on Saturday and then there was the weekend footy as well.It was definitely a glass half full-half empty situation for Peter Schumacher.

AFL Finals Week 1: The View from Shepparton

Winners and losers all over the place on Saturday and then there was the weekend footy as well. For me that was definitely a glass half full half empty situation as well.

As ever I was really hoping that Sydney would clean up Hawthorn but did not hold high hopes of this eventuality. Just as well too because they were completely outclassed after half time.

I reckon that there is always a problem when there is a star full forward. If he doesn’t get goals then the team tends to flounder. The worse it gets the more skills are forgotten as rather than carefully calculated passages and plays to the leading player occurring, instead  long kicks to the forward line take place in the hope that one star or another will take a specie and even more hopefully  not miss the resultant shot at goal (usually from an acute angle where the said forward has been forced to lead in order to get a kick). Hawthorn is an exception to this in that their star forward didn’t play and he didn’t seem to be missed too much but even had he been there  such is the  talent up forward that any one of a number of players can or could fill the breech if Buddy isn’t on song. Sydney are really struggling now, their injuries are getting the better of them.

I didn’t see the Freo Geelong game and indeed because of work commitments did not find out the result until the game was over.  As discussed previously I am not a huge Freo barracker but have to admit that it was a fantastic win. Even the Minister of Home Affairs who viewed some of the game in my absence reckoned that it was terrific and she made particular reference to the run of Hill in that last quarter as he dashed from the half back line to goal. Freo have to be favourites at home against the Blues.

I watched some of the Port Collingwood game and as the match evolved in the last quarter was moved to think in political terms as Port’s youngsters carved up the Pies. “Old Party… Old Party” as Collingwood succumbed to the onslaught. Memories, particularly mine, are totally fallible of course but this has to be one of the most exciting last quarters seen this year or many years given the context of the game, that is, the club previously written off by many, including myself, “Port Powerless”, really gave it to them. Wines, Wingard, players most Collingwood supporters had probably never heard of were supreme in that last quarter when it really counted. “Old Party” Collingwood looked slow and jaded in comparison. Got to give Port a real chanced against the Cats next weekend.

Glass half empty. Richmond were rolled after being 31 points up.  I don’t know how many times it has happened this year where a side gets a roll and quickly gets about 25 points up and then in the next forward thrust a mark is taken in easy distance from goal and the chance is missed. The ball is swept down the other end coast to coast and a goal scored. I don’t recall that this quite happened that way when Richmond missed at 25 points ahead but at any rate they were reeled back much to my disappointment and presumably that of the entire footy universe. Bloody Carlton should not have even been playing but have to give them credit for a great come comeback. Judd was incredible in that last quarter and just before as well. Duigan wasn’t even going to get a game but then scored four. As has been observed many times, Carlton when they are going, particularly those small forwards, and big forwards like Waite, look really good. They have to be a chance against a bruised and battered Sydney. What a typical turn of events for the Tiges however, get to be rolled in the finals by the team which finished ninth.

Highlights: Port’s last quarter and indeed Freo’s as well. And  North Queensland making the finals with  Bowen playing a blinder is his last game at home.

Low Lights: Richmond, The Wallabies, The Socceroos.

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