AFL Round 12 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Should be watching the IRAQ Australia soccer match tonight at least to show that I am patriotic if nothing else. Yet apart from a few notable occasions, for example back in November 2005 when John Aloisi scored that penalty against Uruguay which got Australia in the 2006 World Cup for the first time since 1974 or on the other hand when Australia had Italy on the run in 2006 only for Lucas Neill to have been adjudged to have fouled the unfabulous Grosso near to goal, the game does not move me. I guess that as a one eyed Australian Rules Footy devotee who just doesn’t understand the nuances of the round ball game in terms of the endless passing to and fro as each team tries to gain that goal shooting opportunity I find the game to be rivetingly boring. I further find the back passing to the goalie and the staged falls and the exaggerated celebrations each time a goal is scored to be more than boring, these moves awake me from my stupor and make me fly into periods of wanting to do unnecessary damage to my TV set. So yeah will probably watch most of it but at 8pm there is a program on ABC 1 “Crocodile School” in which two of six trainees will be selected for further honours, familiarising themselves with crocodiles in Kaka doo National Park. This will probably be heaps more interesting, besides, there is an outside chance that the scores will be the same anyway when I return to the game.


Can’t say that round twelve over all in terms of the ultimate results was too exciting for me either although that was a great win by the Tigers. I run a small footy tipping comp and I was one of the very few who didn’t pick the card.


Richmond played well enough for their true believers to start returning in droves.  Deledio and Dangerfield were the stand out players for their respective teams, the latter must be a front runner for the Brownlow on current form.


Don’t go on about a Port resurgence, as was the case earlier on this year they won against a weak team. I suppose that the 75 point win nearly got them back into the eight though which is considerably better than where they were at any time last year. Again the Sprawlers did not help the code in Sydney with another miserable effort.


I thought that my mob played well enough against Freo. On this showing would let Michael Voss retain his job next year. Freo are a really good side now, particularly at home.


The Suns had a red hot go again but they have been so cruelled by injury this year, as has the Dons Michael Hurley. The average observer would always picked the Bombers to win this one.


The Hawthorn Carlton game was a lucky win for the Hawks as they were clearly outplayed for most of the game. Terrible luck for Carlton to lose captain Marc Murphy. In the second quarter. What if Eddie Betts had nailed that last shot for goal?


Collingwood was always too good for the Dogs although the latter fought back well in the last quarter but by then it didn’t really count,


Week’s Highlight. Kane Cornes game in his 257th game for the Power.


Week’s Low Light. The Sprawlers.


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  1. The Wrap says

    I don’t know much about soccer Peter, but I know what I like about football. And it aint watching a bunch of crybabies writhing on the ground every time they felt body contact more fierce than they would have felt when their Mummy tucked them in at night. You missed nothing Mate.

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