AFL Round 23: The View From Shepparton

I know that sport isn’t everything but it completely messed with my head on the weekend, Ryan Lester just could not get enough on his kick to clear Paul Chapman. What a comeback by the Lions. When they were down by 26 points I can’t say what I said to the Minister for Home Affairs but it was along the lines that they could not now possibly get up. I was vaguely irritated when she said soothingly, “they can come back”, I felt like saying “Yeah at about the same time as a well known religious entity” . What a game, what frustration. I suppose that it is easy to be wise after the event but I reckon Voss’s sacking before Roos had been signed sealed and delivered was a big error, and could well be to the detriment of the club for years to come as was Vossy’s shenanigans revolving around the signing of Fevola.  Anyhow, Geelong looked beatable and if Freo are any sort of team they should be able to take it up to the Cats as did Brisbane.


Port let Carlton get away in that last quarter. How can a side playing at home concede 8 goals after three quarter time. Sure Carlton played brilliantly in that last quarter and sure in the end Port were dead stiff when that long range kick just grazed the post but they should never have allowed that position to develop in the first place. So that fixed Adelaide, North Melbourne and in the end Brisbane wouldn’t have made it anyway.


Being a Crow Eater and an honorary Queenslander having lived there in total for about 20 years, even though I have lived in Shepparton for the last 11, my default position is always to go for the ABV, but having said that, Freo is my least favourite interstate team so that if they must insist on throwing games in addition to having players who have no idea of what it means to play in the spirit of the game then if they go out one two I won’t be too worried. Having said that though, they do have one player who commands universal respect, the Pav. They lost to the Saints. Not one person in my footy tipping comp picked that.


Sydney put up a brave fight against the Hawks, but much to my disappointment the latter prevailed.


If I felt let down, frustrated and generally depressed by the whole footy scene that is the way that I would feel as a Roos supporter. Glad that they beat the Pies, now we have two losers playing each other next weekend.


Ditto Adelaide playing Perth but the latter were stuffed anyway. Don’t know what has gone wrong at Eagle land. Would have been nice to have seen the Crows in the eight, if they had been in it and played at their best things might have been interesting.


I guess really that for Essendon supporters and perhaps the footy public in general any side filling eighth spot would have had an asterisk alongside them anyway. Hard to gauge Richmond’s effort. Just don’t get done  by Malthouse’s mob next week.


The Western Bulldogs Melbourne game was of little interest to outsiders as indeed was the Gold Coast Sprawlers game. At least the winners could feel good that the season had a positive end. Unfortunate ending to Sheed’s career but as already observed there were no fairytale endings this weekend.


Highlight. North Queensland in the final eight in the NRL (for this week at least) ..come on Mattie Bowen!


Low Light. Goals that aren’t.




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