AFL Round 6 – The View from Shepparton: Look a bit deeper, Vossy

Again I compile this in a mood of  gloom. My mob were totally out classed by Sydney. Voss said, “ Our first quarters are letting us down tremendously” Err, well yes that is true but I think that we need a somewhat deeper analysis than that. For example, great servant of the club that he has been, Jonathon Brown is clearly only a shadow of himself. In one out contests he was mostly easily held at bay by his opponent. This had an effect on the whole forward structure which became totally ineffective which despite a reasonable second quarter was still collectively out scored by the Swans in that term. The way that things are I don’t think that  Voss’s contract should be renewed next year. He and the club have never recovered from the total disaster wrought on the club with the non firing imports and perhaps more cogently the short shrift given to Daniel Bradshaw as a part of all this. Voss might have known the game but one would have had to question his people skills. Anyway, despite my glowing hopes after last week the Lions will clearly be making up the numbers this year. Sydney on the other hand with the likes of Jetta and Reid coming into form are having and are headed for a great season for the rest of the year.

I reckon that  the up and comers from here on in are definitely Carlton and the West Coast Eagles. Adelaide clearly isn’t up to it this year and Port Adelaide failed their first real test. North Melbourne deserved to win, they are clearly better than their current position indicates and Hawthorn with a good win away from home are always going to be up there. Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs are definitely finished this season

Someone asked me yesterday when I was going to give Collingwood some credit. Well OK, the are in the eight! Fair enough they held off St Kilda after  a dour struggle just when Riewoldt gave every indication that he might secure win for the Saints off his own boot in that last quarter  however that wasn’t to be, but the  Saint’s will also be also rans this year so that takes some gloss off the Magpie effort.

GWS gave Essendon a fright for a while but we all knew that it was only a matter of time before the Dons put their foot down. Perhaps Essendon will get a greater fright from that report due today.

Freo had a good win against the Suns who  should have done better at home. I was expecting then to really push the Dockers. The Dockers Magpies game next week should be a good barometer as  to where each team is at.

Geelong looked superb against Richmond. This is another team, like Sydney, who seem to be able to bring in new players who can immediately have an impact. Richmond, well same old same old, they give promise but all it does is produce a series of highs and lows. I know little about mental health but as I understand it when one has an emotional high, it is possible that the emotional low that follows might possibly be worse than the even state of mind that one possessed before all of this started. This lower than even state of mind if maintained might be a sort of depression which is most likely the current and almost normal state of mind for most Tigers supporters. I’m next in the queue given Brisbane’s efforts!

Hi light(s): Our indigenous  players of the likes of Betts, Garlett and Jetta as they stream into goal. Lo Light: This season quickly sorting out the wheat from the chaff with 16 complete rounds to go. On that, as I understand it, the state of the ladder at the end of the seventh round pretty much indicates how the order is going to finish up. None of the teams that I follow are remotely close.

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  1. Tony Roberts says

    In the middle of your opening paragraph, you said that ‘…I don’t think that Voss’s contract [as Brisbane Lions coach] shouldn’t be renewed next year.’

    The tone of your other remarks indicates that you meant to write ‘I don’t think that Voss’s contract SHOULD be renewed…’ Correct? I hope so! For mine, it shouldn’t have been renewed after his first three years were up in 2011.

    On the very day of Voss’s appointment in 2008, Aker (who jokingly asked why no-one had approached HIM to coach the Lions) wrote that Brisbane would improve in his first year, as the players responded to the legend’s inspiration, but implied that they would then fall away, as Voss’s lack of nous became evident.

    Spot on, Aker. One finals win in 2009: ‘thank you Bradshaw, there’s the door’. Thereafter: disaster.

  2. PeterSchumacher says

    Hi Tony,

    Yeah, shocking proof reading on my part, as you suggest I meant to write that it should NOT be renewed. Actually, how can I expect Voss to get it right when as one of his critics I didn’t!

    Thanks for pointing out the error,

    Peter S

  3. Stephen Cooke says

    Who would you blokes like him replaced with?

  4. PeterSchumacher says

    Fair question but look at the way the two new South Australian coaches have gone, both were experienced assistants whereas Vossy never had that experience. I have to admit that I am not across the scene enough to make any sensible suggestions as to what individual might be likely but surely within the chatter and knowledge of the footy community there must be stand outs within the” reserves” who might be worth approaching

  5. Tony Roberts says

    With 17 rounds to go in 2012, I’ll keep my options open: start up a long list headed ‘ABV’: anyone but…

    It would be good to have another member of the Lions triple-flag group in the spot, but if none of them are available (e.g. the Brothers Chrisandbrad) or properly qualified as an assistant at AFL level, look elsewhere.

  6. Andrew Weiss says

    I hate to say it but I think that Vossy’s time is up as well. As for a replacement I think they have to look outside the club on not at ex-players who are currently doing assistant roles (e.g Lappin, Lepitsch etc.) For me Brisbane has to go for one big fish – Alastair Clarkson. His contract finishes this year and if Hawthorn don’t win the grand final it might be time that he moves on as well. In fact maybe Brisbane can go all out and try and get the one -two combo of Clarkson and Buddy.

    Again I don’t think they have recruited well when it comes to getting Stefan Martin. They should have kept another draft pick last year and used Longer or Leunbergeras the second tall and just developed Paporone until Staker was fit agian. Martin will never be able to replace Brown.

    I have to admit that i have been disappointed with how Zorko and Redden have gone this year. I thought they may have taken the next step but unfortunately that is not the case so far.

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