Round 23 Preview – The Tipsters’ Nightmare

Could this be the season where one of the bottom half of the finalists rewrite the record books? Possibly even the ninth placed team?

Round 22 Preview – Reaching The Penultimate

The fan in the stand deserves better, writes Sal Ciardulli.

AFL Round 21 – Preview: Enough already

Sal Ciardulli wants the Bombers punished for their hubris (and for Malthouse to stop commenting and get on with fixing the Blues).

AFL Round 20 – Preview: And then there were 3?

Given the Saints were just shy of a flag, Sal Ciardulli conducts a forensic inspection of the differences between the 2009-10 Saints and his current charges at Freo.

AFL Round 19 – Preview: Firing the Weapon

Sal tipped the Doggies last weekend for a full card. He’s turning his full attention to this weekend’s games (Helps take his mind off the inconsistency of Essendon playing all year while Ahmed Saad’s career is immediately put on hold.)

AFL Round 18 – Preview: Kicking Own Goals

Plenty of own goals this past week, writes Sal Ciardulli, with Cricket Australia, Essendon, Scarlett and O’Grady all putting the ball past their own keepers.

AFL Round 17 – Preview: To err is human

Tonight’s game is the clash of the disappointments for 2013. North go in as favourites over their Navy Blue bunny. Since the 1995 preliminary final, North have only lost 6 games to the Blues, and only twice since 2005.

AFL Round 16 – Preview: Channelling Christie Allen

Before 17 clubs throw their veterans, their future stars and their kitchen sinks at the Giants for the number one pick, Sal Ciardulli asks them: Is it all worth it? Is the next Cooney, Goddard or Hutton really worth the upheaval?

AFL Round 15 – Preview: Boo Boo

Plenty of cracking games this weekend – what odds Sal Ciardulli doing better than 5 winners (last week’s score).

Round 14 Preview – Bye Bye to the bye

Sal Ciardulli’s tipping guide – always entertaining; always thought-provoking; not always right.

AFL Round 13 – Preview: Vlad, we have a problem!

Holding up the bottom of your tipping competition? Then let Sal Ciardulli be your guide with his foolproof (?) selections.

AFL Round 12 Preview: Just a Suburban Boy

Sal Ciardulli produces report cards for those on holiday this week (including Dave Warner).

AFL Round 11 – Preview: Bye, Bye for Some (and bonus Eagle Farms tips as well)

Sal Ciardulli gives his report on the teams so far, and throws in some racing tips as well.

AFL Round 10 Preview: Wilburrrrr

Sal Ciardulli took a look this week at which clubs (not including the new teams) are playing the most kids with 50 games or less. After Melbourne and the Dogs comes…Hawthorn. Worryingly for Richmond fans, they are fielding less new players than all but Sydney.

AFL Round 9 preview: Sacrificial lamb to the slaughter

Still agonising over your tips? Let Sal Ciardulli help out. Seven from nine last week (he pleads mitigating circumstances with the late withdrawal of Stevie J).

AFL Round 8 preview: Dont forget the children

Another week of the bump dying! How long before it dies again?

AFL Round 7 preview: Ziggy played guitar

I assume many of you will be dining out on Hungry Jacks after selecting the 9 favourites last week. This week presents a much sterner test for prognostication with the leaders contesting along with a Grand Final rematch – a mouth-watering set of matches await.

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: Remembering the Kreuzer Cup

I am joined by The Paradox and his son. The Paradox makes his living as a fitness guru but he needs a hip replacement, a lifelong friend and lifelong suffering Demon supporter who follows the game more passionately than he follows the club.

AFL Round 6: Mind Your Language!

Another week with a myriad of discussion pointsbut the one to take my ear is the introduction of other language to footy vernacular. I was horrified to hear Damian Hawdwick refer Jack Riewoldt as a striker!

AFL Round 5 – preview: Time to sook up!

Don’t be afraid to sook; to blubber; to shed a tear. Sal Ciardulli, who has a new poster boy in Brendon Goddard, has been doing it all week.