AFL Round 8 preview: Dont forget the children

Another week of the bump dying! How long before it dies again?

AFL Round 7 preview: Ziggy played guitar

I assume many of you will be dining out on Hungry Jacks after selecting the 9 favourites last week. This week presents a much sterner test for prognostication with the leaders contesting along with a Grand Final rematch – a mouth-watering set of matches await.

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: Remembering the Kreuzer Cup

I am joined by The Paradox and his son. The Paradox makes his living as a fitness guru but he needs a hip replacement, a lifelong friend and lifelong suffering Demon supporter who follows the game more passionately than he follows the club.

AFL Round 6: Mind Your Language!

Another week with a myriad of discussion pointsbut the one to take my ear is the introduction of other language to footy vernacular. I was horrified to hear Damian Hawdwick refer Jack Riewoldt as a striker!

AFL Round 5 – preview: Time to sook up!

Don’t be afraid to sook; to blubber; to shed a tear. Sal Ciardulli, who has a new poster boy in Brendon Goddard, has been doing it all week.

AFL – Round 4 preview: Playing the Man (or Woman)?

This week’s fixtures are tantalising with intriguing encounters riddled throughout the weekend, writes Sal Ciardulli, fresh from tipping seven winners last weekend.

Round 3 Preview – Have you Hird the one about?

Sal Ciardulli’s Blues are 0-2 but he’s happy to point out there is a certain club with bigger concerns right now.

AFL Round 2 preview: Oh the Humanity

Round 1 was tough for the tipsters but Sal Ciardulli managed three. See what he has in store for you this week.

The Rest of Round 1 Preview

A cornucopia of tipping advice from Sal Ciardulli who has tipped the Giants (to stay competitive for 10 minutes).

Round 1/2 Preview

Trying to pick a winner in the footy and the horses, let Sal Ciardulli help with his infamous tips.

Enough of the Preliminaries! 2013 Season Preview

The fixture is going to have a marked effect on team placings at the end of the year. Let Sal Ciardulli show you (Tigers, Roos, Carlton fans look away now).

Who’s a Jolly good fellow?

Darren Jolly used his piece in The Age to argue for more of a players voice on the rules committee and then went ahead stated that 3 members have relevant recent experience.

Dear Mickey, I’m feeling unwell

Sal Ciardulli has submitted his wellness report to Mickey Arthur.

As the summer fades…..

Sal Ciardulli reflects on the summer of cricket and looks ahead to the weekend’s footy and racing.

Vlad the Prince

The Melbourne “agreement” stinks of Machiavellian pragmatism with a couple of sacrificial lambs thrown to the wolves in Dean Bailey and Chris Conolly and a $500,000 fine that will undoubtedly be covered by AFL special dividends.

A big couple of days in sport

Sal Ciardulli has a few things to say about footy and cricket and gives us a quaddie for C.F.Orr Stakes Day

Second Test: I suppose it is still the Boxing Day Test and we fans are definitely not being rotated.

Sal Ciardulli isn’t rotating himself. He’s off to the cricket no matter who is playing. And you are welcome to join him for a beer.

Grand Final preview: Medals, smokies and the first goal

Resident tipster Sal Ciardulli makes his prediction and provides some smokies for the Norm Smith and first goal.

The Penultimate Week

Welcome to the Penultimate Week! We are now down to four and the news this week has been focussed on the selection of a team that will never play together.  The All-Australian team is not something that particularly interests me (Especially when there are no Blues in it) and the discussion and debate over it [Read more]

Ol’ Micky Blue Eyes

Greetings to all, However, perhaps not such a joyous September after the tragic and untimely death of John McCarthy, a young life taken and a reminder of how precious our time is. But the footy machine continues to roll on with Carlton unveiling the worst kept secret in history.  When will clubs stop putting up [Read more]