Trying Bunal

Greetings all for another installment, Back to Melbourne and back to the reality of winter weather.  Once again no shortage of news, both worthy and unworthy.  But this week focus is on the Match Review Panel and the tribunal.  The majority of the discussion early in the week was about the injustice of the penalty [Read more]

Nic Nat Paddy Whack

Happy EOFY to all, After getting over watching Nic Nat take apart the Blues the previous week it has given me time and a couple of interviews to really appreciate what he brings to the game.  Not being Victorian based we probably do not see as much of him as we should – but his [Read more]

Ooh Rockin’ Robin Tweet Tweet!

Greetings to all, The last week of the byes descend upon us but much of this week’s news inches consumed by a couple of twits!  As someone who has blown the whistle in anger I concur with the AFL stance on displaying support of umpires, however they want their cake and eat when they want [Read more]

And never the seasons shall meet

Greetings again to all, Much talk over the last couple of days regarding extending the season to allow the players to have two byes during the season and this is to come at the expense of Cricket Victoria giving up its claim to the MCG for the potential to host the Sheffield Shield final.  Anyone [Read more]

Licensed Grocery for Sale in Fremantle

Greetings to all as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, This week we have the first of a number of teams having a holiday as are we all on Monday, but it is now the time of year for clubs to have some serious decision making.  With free agency descending and daily updates on the saga, [Read more]

Round 10 Preview and Ground Irrationalisation

Greeting one and all, Welcome to Round 10, This Friday night we have yet another blockbuster, but yet again the “Best Fit” policy has not come into play.  The Saints have crossed the line in the sand and Tiger army is roaring but how many will not be able to see the game live due [Read more]

Are the planets realigning?

Greetings All, Another week goes by and it becomes clearer that the world of football maybe spinning on another axis.  The dominance of the interstate clubs is one thing, but on the other football front the Hammers are back in the EPL.  Now where to get enough cash to spend more than Manchester City?  A [Read more]

What about a happy ending?

Greetings All, An extraordinary set of results in Round 7 of the AFL – but nothing compared to the drama of the final round of EPL games early on Monday morning.  The great part of the drama was the ever changing positions of teams in their fight for the title and European league qualification or [Read more]

Resting Players – Gimme a break

Greetings and Salutations all Another week of issues, issues, issues – are they genuine or just too much media?  But the one to take a look at this week is resting players.  The pragmatist view is that it just makes sense and as a Carlton supporter, I certainly took that view last weekend with Judd [Read more]

A Few Old Chestnuts

Greetings All Being in Hobart there is also the opportunity to take in the ruminations, observations and considerations from the Great Sage from the South of which are littered throughout this literary diatribe. No shortage of footy stories this week in both the news and the forum.  Most of them covering a few old chestnuts [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Go the Early Crow!

Humble Greetings to all this week!   In only a week the Blues have gone from champs to chumps!  Now also with a couple of key injuries.  We are also hearing of the impending demise of the Cats or even the Pies – one prominent journalist has even gone so far as to say the [Read more]

We have to talk about Melbourne!

Da-da-da-da to all, Well for this week anyway! What was that cooking slogan again? Now to keep the lid on! All the shenanigans between Eddie and Mick turned out to be a bit of bonus for a few other clubs who should have been in the spotlight. Whilst I might not be Buckley’s biggest fan, [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 3

Greetings All,   Well round 2 certainly put the competition into perspective with not only poor match ups but pretty ordinary scheduling to go with it!  The average margin for the round of 55 points, but over 62 if you take out the Easter Monday special.  I wrote last year of the two speed competition, [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 2, 2012

Greetings to one all and hope everyone has a great Easter break,   The commentators have waxed lyrical about the opening round of the season and with some justification I might say, I enjoyed each of the games that I sat down to watch and the ones I didn’t were pretty good too apparently.  But [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Grand Final

Merry Grand Final to All! The end is nigh – I have spent this Grand Final build up in the fine capital of Van Diemen’s Land and have been able to get a feel of Grand Final Hysteria in this footy deprived part of the country.  As I have alluded to before and in my [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Penultimate Preliminary Round

Greetings to all! The finals charade is over and once again the top 4 teams fight for their place in the Grand Final, whilst I lament the Blues defeat it is right that only rarely do we see one of the 5th to 8th ranked sides get through to the incorrectly monikered Preliminary Finals (Surely [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Finals Week 2

Happy Finals to All, However all the action looks like it is off the ground with tonight’s disposal of Mark Harvey by the Purple Haze putting fuel on the coaching frenzy fire.  If reports are correct that Get Stuffed Lyon will be new Purple Wizard, then it should spark some frenzied activity with Melbourne, Footscray [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: An Ochre Shadow bears down

The finals put an extra bit of excitement in the greetings this week, Email has already been flowing and we still have Friday to go!  Unfortunately much of the discussion in the media has been about the flow of players that will wear the Sunset Strip with Ward, Palmer and Davis formally announcing their defections.  [Read more]

Sal’s Tips Round 24

What a great idea from the AFL to have a theme for the final round of footy – The Seinfeld Round – the round about nothing!  Only two games that can vaguely shape the 8 in determining where Sydney and St Kilda wrestle and other games that might determine draft pick 15 and 16.  The [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 23

A notable retirement this week of Cameron Mooney.  Not many opposition fans thought much of Cam, but his value to the Cats was huge.  He will go out of the game with at least 3 premierships, not many players do that and has always done the jobs for the Cats that someone needed to do.  [Read more]