Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Half full or half empty?

As Blues supporter Tony Robb discusses, if you are a glass half full or glass half empty type of person, the Carlton v Adelaide game had plenty to offer either way.

A Frenzy of Sharks

Tony Robb gives the footy media a spray, as self-aggrandising nongs blowing smoke up each other.

Round 7 – Carlton v GWS: Bluese meets Gianette. Awkward.

We’ve all been there. That first night when you have a new beau on your arm and you bump into the ex. Awkward

Goalkicking- How hard is it?

It’s one of the essential skills of the game so why is accuracy in front of goal seemingly so poor? Tony Robb vents some frustration after watching some very ordinary performances at the sticks in round six.

Round 4 – GWS v Gold Coast: Gnats become Giants

Author Tony Robb gives his take on the special day which is Anzac Day and how he believes the Giants, through their smashing of the Suns have gone past them in the clash of the expansion clubs in Canberra.

A Look at the 2015 AFL Season Tea Leaves

Tony Robb boils the kettle and swirls some lapsang souchong in a cup and comes up with his prognostications on how the 2015 AFL season will unfold. Good for some and not-so-good for others.

Laws of Life and Football

Tony Robb takes Bob Ellis’ latest tome ‘The Ellis Laws’ and applies the veteran playwright and racounteur’s ten laws of life to modern football. Do Ellis’ laws stand up to scrutiny?


Tony Robb argues that it’s time for revolution in the genteel sport of golf. He’s got a few ideas.

Balls to ANU

Tony Robb’s CCAE Wombats recently got on it to celebate the thirtieth anniversary of their 1984 flag. Here’s what happened.

AFL Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Substandard Homesick Blues

The cleverest, funniest piece you will read on the Almanac or anywhere this footy season. Tony Robb channels Bob Dylan to sing the Blues about his Blues and take the piss out of Mick.

AFL Round 18 – Carlton v North Melbourne: A Chocolate in a Sea of Turds

Tony Robb finds a chocolate in Carlton’s season box of turds (soft centres? – Ed) Tony is sick of Mick, Daisy and the rest of the Collingwood rejects infecting his Blues. Cameron Wood can stay.

Sunday Evening Coming Down: It’s a funny old game

“Aussie” Tony Robb offers a non-discriminatory all-inclusive spray at Mick, the Magpies, dodgy NRL results, the Pepsodent pissoir and selective nationalism. Good to have him back.

Surely we have paid for our sins

The case for; the case against. Tony Robb remembers Good Fridays past and wonders what to do with the day. He concludes that the AFL will probably have a crack at Good Friday footy by giving Collingwood a trial – for 30 years.

Beware. Winter is Coming.

Tony Robb has (fortunately for him) decided to follow the emerging and vibrant Greater Manuka Giants. Fortunately for readers, he still takes enough interest in his discarded Blues to offer a weekly spray.

Goodbye you Bastard

Tony Robb has called in the divorce lawyers. Trial separation or Family Court proceedings? He is casting out the baby blues, and seeing a hot new babe in orange.

Malthouse you Dunce

T Robb with a quick quiz for the Carlton faithful.

It’s ugly, it’s crap and I blame the coaches

Tony Robb slags all the tactical, defensive crap in modern footy that puts a premium on athleticism over skill. (An early call for post of the year – Ed.)

Lazy media days of Summer

Tony Robb reckons media coverage of summer sport is as predictable as “night follows day”. Let us know your favourite media beat-up staple: “best ever pre-season”??

2013 End of Year Sale and Gift List

Is it better to give than receive? Tony Robb gives AFL powerbrokers, horse trainers, media ‘celebrities’ and the old enemies an extra big serve of Christmas comeuppance. With Santa best wishes to Kate, Carlton and Christian charity.

Standing on the Outside Lookin’ In: Golf on TV

Tony Robb has been watching Channel 7’s coverage of the Australian Masters golf. And he didn’t even need his angry pills to spit this one out.