Round 7 – Carlton v GWS: Bluese meets Gianette. Awkward.

Well this is awkward. Only weeks after busting up Bluese, with my missus of 47 years, I turn up at The Dock night club with a new beau Gianette on my arm only to see the old girl across the room. She knew I had been flirting with the this western temptress with the flaming orange hair for a while, but now we’ve become an item, I can see this night going to get pretty personal. I catch Bluese’s eye across the room and she quickly averts her gaze. Will You Be My Lover plays on the sound system. Awkward alright.

I noticed how Bluese has brought along a few old friends that have been off the scene for a while with their own issues. Those bitches Daisy and Bryonce are staring right at me. You only got an invite Daisy because Uncle Mick manages the club. Some girls are noticeably absent from Bluese’s normal entourage. Being in the company of a younger woman and her youthful and vibrant friends make me feel 20 years younger myself. Jeremina is just full of self confidence after last weeks concert in Sydney and Tomatha just sets the dance floor on fire. I can see Jeremina and Camilla becoming BFFs looking at the way they get on together. Shanee should feel uncomfortable for her girl of her size but she just oozes self belief and I think the younger girls see her as mother figure. Physical. The girls swarm the dance floor.

I buy a round of drinks and bump into Bluese’s friend Chrissie, who has anger issues. “I been away for three weeks. What the hell happened? Well Chrissie. Bluese basically told me she didn’t give a toss about me or our relationship. I don’t want to be with someone who does not give me an emotional connection and I had to move out. She had promised me so much after our trial separation last year but now it’s irreconcilable. What if I talk to Bluese to try and help mend things Tony? Forget it, she stop caring years ago”.

I waved to Christine who is sitting alone. Christine has been a loyal friend for the past 6 years. I could see by her body language that events had taken it’s toll and she deserves better. I hate seeing such a great person alone and apparently friendless. Prince’s 1999 hits to turntable. Bluese hits this bourbon with the reminder of when her life started going wrong.

As the night continued there was some obvious tension between the two groups. One showing the result of years of neglect that no amount of botox was going to hide. The other full of excitement and lacking the baggage that Bluese and her friends now carry. I dance with Gianette and trip the light fantastic. It was fantastic fun but I knew things could get, well awkward. By night’s end none of Bluese’s friends seemed to give a damn. Certainly Bluese didn’t seem to care what people thought and was shameless.

Jeremina pulls off an outrageous move early in the night and the older girls look,well silly, trying to replicate their groove from the nineties. Awkward. Believe me Bluese could shake it back then but she cuts a sad figure under the disco ball tonight. I can see her trying to keep up but those fresh young legs dance up a storm. Noooo! Bluese has taken her shoes of which means one thing. She’s pissed. For heaven’s sake woman, have some sort of dignity would you. The DJ’s choice of Pink’s Walk this Way seems appropriate just now.

Young Troyla and Patricia, who wisely stayed home, seem like nice kids, although I don’t know why they would hang around with Bluese. I notice Matthett is not here again. Pity as she also seemed to have some thing about her that Bluese has managed to totally extinguish. And bloody Andrea. What was she thinking when she chose to turn up wearing navy blue? And I bet Denise is now regretting getting that tattoo on the hen’s trip to Bali in 2009. Oh Levine! It looks like someone spiked her drink the way she dances. Awkward. I look at Gianette standing near the bar. She just has that something that Bluese can’t match and is all class tonight.

Stephanie and Adriana are no wallflowers and their dance cards are full tonight while Bluese’s is decidedly empty. I love the way Heather has re-invented herself as things were getting pretty ugly when she was hanging out with those hussies from Collingwood. Eeeew, Christine just threw up on Marcia but who can blame her after having to put up with these slappers. Oh look. There is Shanee in the centre of the dance floor with all the other girls feeding off her energy. Express yourself is fitting.

It had to happen. I bump into Bluese outside the toilets. She looks awful. My mind flashed back to our weeding day in 1968 and that fabulous overseas adventure we shared in 1970. There were plenty of fun times but this is not the girl I once loved. I blame her mother and father. Arrogant and an old money family. Their sense of entitlement still lingers in Bluese. No wonder her little nephew moved to Adelaide.

After the dance Gianette and I leave the club with strains of the last song of the night by Queen melting in to the chilling air. I think about my life with Bluese and it saddens me to see this once magnificent woman turning in to a train wreck. She was deplorable in every sense this evening and I had to look away. Still you have to lay in the bed you make and my bed now has a new young companion in it. Thanks for a wonderful night Gianette. There was nothing awkward about you my Lady Marmalade.

Our Votes*

Stephanie Coniglio

Adriana Treloar

Shanee Mumford

*Camilla McCarthy and Jeremina Cameron just looked gorgeous

GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 4.4  8.10  16.15   19.21  (135) CARLTON 2.0  4.1  8.2  9.3  (57)
Cameron 5, Treloar 3, McCarthy 2,, Stewart 2, Scully 2, Patfull, Coniglio, Greene, Hoskin-Elliott, Williams. Carlton:  Judd 2, Menzel 2, Everitt, Wood, Yarran, Casboult, Tuohy.
UMPIRES: McInerney,  Mitchell,  Hosking.
CROWD: 16,676 at Etihad Stadium.

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  1. Looks like you jumped ship just in time TR. As long as you keep paying your dues I reckon Gianette will stick with you. Mind you I reckon you will be sharing her with a lot more blokes down the track. You can’t keep her a secret forever.
    I do feel a bit sorry for Bluese. That shocking harridan of a mother in law you used to have, would make anyone want to hit the drink.

  2. Tony Robb says

    Cheers Pete
    I think I’ve gone through all the stages of grieving and eventually reached out right laughter on Saturday. i think Juddy should be able to finish off the year with your lots so at least he can end his career with some dignity.

  3. It’s hard to condone infidelity, but in this case, I think we can make an exception.

  4. I’m not sold on the new ladies.
    It must be hard for Bluese and co to look good when the young girls don’t have to worry about money or fans and don’t surround themselves with duds.
    Experienced ladies have a lot to offer.
    It just happens slower sometimes.

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