Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Half full or half empty?

Depending if you are a glass half full or glass half empty type of person, the Carlton v Adelaide game had plenty to offer either way.

Glass half empty:

  • The probable end of Chris Judd’s career was devastating not only for Carlton fans but fans of football. While the AFL media department may have been thankfully denied the opportunity to send off the Messiah in a predictably saccharine deluge of Sandy Robert’s type fluff blowing, football lovers were robbed of the chance to see Juddy off in a manner fitting his status in the game, once again proving there is no God, Mohammed or Buddha in the football world at least.
  • Why did it take the fall of the Club’s leader to bring out the fantastic effort and endeavour that Carlton showed yesterday.
  • Isn’t if enough just to put on a jumper each week and try as hard without having some sort guilt trip that you better have dip for a bloke who has carried you from 5 years.
  • Bryce might like to have look at Murphy’s video as he is now where near performing at that level and needs to be moved on.
  • There were so many skill errors made yesterday it was does not bear describing. It is to easy to single out Bell and Casboult for their ineptness. However, missing three sitters from the top of the goal square was just embarrassing.
  • This was group playing on emotional after half time which covered much of the poor skill execution and decision making that has been on show all year.
  • I took the Blues in my tipping comps.
  • That Jones and Ellard are still on this list continues to show a lack of depth at Club and there were blokes running around that are simply not of AFL standard both physically and mentally.

Glass half full:

  • The Eagles and Blues have both been fortunate to have one of football’s real stars in their universe and, in Carlton’s case, had a player at the club that epitomes what the Club should be trying to emulate.
  • A player that saw about 18 odd team mates give their first yelp for the year because of the obvious respect and esteem that Judd is held in. Thank you Chris Judd. You have made the past five years bearable.
  • Murphy played his best game as skipper and possibly his most important for Carlton. He was Judd like and I truly hope they make him watch that game a few times to reinforce just how good he can be.
  • The same pair of bumbling geese kicked goals that lifted the team to a position of possibly snatching a win. Levi is cult figure written large.
  • Tutt played his best game in the AFL and Graham finally had a chance to show what he can give and was pretty.
  • Simpson was sensational and one of the few that can hold his head high this year.
  • 51 tackles, 12 of which were made by Henderson who also showed that he is a genuine CHF, particularly if the ball comes in quickly. Carlton must sell the house to keep him.
  • Dropping Yarran was a positive even if it probably cost a win with his run off the back line. However, it was refreshingly decisive and made a statement for change rather than an excuse.
  • Cripps plays like a kid who has been around for 50 games and I feel he will be someone who people will go along to the footie just to watch him go around.
  • I also took Carlton at +23.5.
  • And what a relief to hear Kruueezz rather than booooss.

Was that a trace of a pulse in the CFC yesterday or was it just wind? Was there a faint flicker in the heart of a life long Blues man or was that just a belated gift from an old flame that remembered your birthday for the first time in three years? Supporters can put up with losing if losing is accompanied with pride, effort and hurt which Carlton did. Half full or half empty? The Blues need to back up that effort. Next up against Port will tell the truth about Saturday’s game as the bye has been one of the few sure things for Carlton in recent times.

That and Chris Judd.

About Tony Robb

A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Nice Tony – I think I am just Glass Half – can’t decide which side I stand on. Hopefully the second half of the season can be positive for us.

  2. Barb smith says

    Tony, come back!! Malthouse is gone and it’s safe now. We need you. You can start wearing your Blues scarf again without embarrassment.

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