Sunday Evening Coming Down: It’s a funny old game

The oft used phrase has never been more apt when you look at the events across a number of sports over the past week. The princes of peptides, Cronulla and Essendon, should be in darker spaces than Jimmy Saville’s moral compass. Both beat the warm premiership favourites overnight with Cronulla, for second week in a row, coming from more than 20 point down to snatch wins over last year’s grand finalists. The Knights, now free of the shackles of Nathan Tinkler, and they are some shackles, have won two on the trot, including beating ladder leader Penrith last weekend.


As I write, Carlton, who had been doing circle work against the hapless Saints, have just had five quick ones kicked on them and look like a rabble. I know they are a rabble but the Saints have a list shorter than a homeless person’s shopping docket. What was open and effortless is now rushed and inept and a 40 point lead at quarter time is back to 10. No coincidence that Brock Maclean is still a getting game and Thomas still looks like he is waiting for Pendles to get him a kick. The love child of Mick is over paid and unfortunately over here*.


How would the following scenario normally play out? Young developing side playing against a team full of final’s experience. The developer lose the best player in the comp at half time and have no bench for the final quarter. The old heads win every time don’t they? Nope the Suns beat Pies in front of a full house at Carrara. The last bit is even stranger than the unlikely victory itself. Sure, the Pies were flatter than a shit carter’s hat but fair dinkum, Melbourne could have won that game. The last stanza was fantastic, not as the Pies got beaten, but that a team, that contains so much youth, had the nads to take it up to a heavyweight of the competition and prevail under such circumstances. That said, I look forward with interest to Eddie’s thoughts on the inequities of the competition and how interstate clubs owe their existence to Collingwood. Plus if they had played at the MCG the Pies would have got another 94,000 along and should be compensated.


The Carney issue needs no further dissection although the offending party was rightly cut. Unfortunately, the offending organ was not. What should be of more concern to the ARL is not the act itself but how a poll in yesterday’s paper had 35% of respondents say he was hard done by. I know that league is simple game, played by simple people (thanks Roy Slaven) but I find it astonishing that any person with a semblance of intelligence can argue that he did no harm and therefore should not be punished. He didn’t do it in his place work so he shouldn’t be sacked. The problem was that he was in everyone else’s place of work the next day. The guy is a card carrying dill.


Sadly, too many league people want to keep the game in an an era when men were apparently more manly. They argue that this is just a young bloke having a lark. What, you cant belt a bloke any more, use a spear tackle or grope or glass a woman? Now they can’t leak in their own mouths? Gee, Gandhi did it everyday you sooks. No wonder they play up with all that testosterone surging through their brains. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. More bewildering is that the real culprit is apparently “the dog” who posted the picture. Is is me or could pissing in your mouth in a public space be a bit problematic, even without the photo?


On a brighter note was obviously the efforts of Nick Kyrgios. If he had been playing for the Socceroos, Craig Moore would have kittens in SBS commentary box. The young bloke might go on to big things or he might not. However, there is no denying that the kid’s got game as they say. Even John McEnroe says he will make it, nicely feeding into our ability to culturally cringe. It is always interesting to see the fervour that the local media manages to generate as the “brave” and “courageous” “young star went into battle”. Battles usually involve bullets, not tennis balls I think.  Although they do sting when playing a game of branding I grant you.

Apparently the outpouring of support for “Aussie Nick” was iron clad proof that Australians were accepting of other nationalities and not racist. In Piers Akerman’s universe anyway. Given that Kyrgios was born in Canberra, I’m not sure that the use of the colloquial “aussie” as a prefix to any person of European descent that can swing a tennis racket is not a tad racist. I’m also not totally convinced the nation is due to receive a United Nations commendation for inclusiveness. Is is supposed to be a term of endearment meaning we have accepted the person in Australian society or a term of derision indicating that they are, like, not really an aussie you know? How the news of Majak Daw’s rape charge was greeted across pubs during the week indicates that inclusiveness is selective. That said, he had a good game in the magoos yesterday so not all is lost, at least for Roos supporters.


*There must a six goal breeze at docklands, Blues by 85. The Saints are sadly a basket case. Carlton appear to have realised that they have actually participated in the draft the past three years and have played some kids. Some light at the end of a tunnel? Most likely just another train with Jarrod Waite driving.

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A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Excellent Tony v entertaining and spot on in every way

  2. The People's Elbow says

    It’s only a technicality, but Jimmy Saville (and his mates) didn’t even have a compass…

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    The Pies second half performance was much flatter than any shit carter’s hat I’ve seen. Great read Tony.

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