Thinking of you West Coast Eagles (with apologies to Martin Flanagan)

Thinking of You West Coast Eagles (With apologies to Martin Flanagan)


Matt Quartermaine


Thinking of you West Coast Eagles who came to Melbourne in 1987 the same year as me.


Thinking of you my brother Simon, who was one of the Eagles fans who chartered a plane in 2015 when their Grand Final was over in the first quarter.


Thinking of you Ross Glendinning – barrel-chested champion and first Eagles captain who has a medal named after him and WILL decide who gets it.


Thinking of you John Worsfold Premiership captain, premiership coach and Chemist, hired by Essendon to fix their drug culture.


Thinking of you Paul Peos because no one else will.


Thinking of you Brett Heady who they nicknamed Jobby because…  it’s a football team.


Thinking of you Ben Cousins, a player so shy he’d rather swim across the Swan River than talk to a policeman.


Thinking of you Scott Cummings because you now look like you ate half your team mates.


Thinking of you Bon Scott – choking back the tears and a little bit of vomit.


Thinking of you Michelle Sweeney – who has nothing to do with the Eagles but she was the prettiest girl in primary school and I still think about her.


Thinking of you Perth the most isolated city in the world because Adelaide is 2,200kms away and they want to know if they can be more isolated.


Thinking of you Barry Cable trapped under a tractor and didn’t have a footy to handball into the gear stick to move the tractor forward.


Thinking of you Polly Farmer the footballer and the freeway with easy east/west travelling across the city of Perth.


Thinking of you Chard Haywood- because only in Perth would Dudley from Number 96 get a chat show.


Thinking of you Lillee when you caught Marsh sneaking a ciggie behind the nets and both of you went to put a bet on.


Thinking of you Kim Beazley governor of WA who I spotted after the 2005 grand final wearing a Sydney Swans scarf. Boo.


Thinking of you booing because it gives everyone over East the irrits.


Thinking of you Sir Charles Court premier of WA 1974 to 1982 who pronounced the state WEStern Australia and sent a convoy of drilling rigs and police across a picket line to drill on sacred Noonkenbah land and start the mining boom.


Thinking of you Jan De Jong, Dutch underground war hero, former chief instructor to the SAS and at who’s Ju Jitsu school I trained and still got beaten up by bullies.


Thinking of you Rolf Harris the boy from Bassendean – Who tied a kangaroo down sport and then may or may not have interfered with it.


Thinking of you Indian Ocean where the water is wee warm.


Thinking of you Karl Langdon – Na I’m not really thinking about Karl Langdon.


Thinking of you Winged keel of Australia II which won the America’s Cup and enabled millionaire owner Alan Bond to bypass building codes and construct a monstrous hotel right on the Scarborough beach foreshore.


Thinking of you Dirk Hartog, Dutch explorer, who in 1616 landed on Dirk Hartog Island. Coincidence?  I think not.


Thinking of you Skylab which NASA chose to crash a to earth in WA where it wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Part of this can be seen on Speakola.  Click HERE




  1. Thinking of you Mark McGowan. Mentored by Kim Beasley. Dockers tragic. One term Premier.
    Thinking of you Julie Bishop. Jumping off one mob of losers. To get with the winners. Premier elect.
    Thinking of you Bill Shorten. Collingwood. Omen?
    Thinking of you Scott Morrison. Balls Up on the ABC is not a footy preview program.

  2. Thinking of you Matty Quartermaine. (Just quietly do you think our singing got them over the line?)

  3. Matt Quartermaine says

    Your singing undoubtedly got the Eagles over the line PB.

  4. Colin Ritchie says

    Brilliant Matt! Highlight of a fab day with fellow almanackers.

  5. Thinking of you Matt… and hoping Michelle Sweeney doesn’t turn out to be your Christine Blasey Ford.
    Lovely stuff.
    In the Longroom the crowd was 98% Eagles. (Which made me barrack for the Pies, strangely enough.)
    A longtime friend of mine, and Eagles supporter, was bitten three times by a tiger snake on Friday… and turned up to the match on Saturday. Anyone beat that for dedication?

  6. Impressive. That’s a yarn for The Eagles’ Almanac. I’ll email you.

  7. Paul Peos is my favorite

  8. Apparently Captain Cook landed on the Cook Islands too! Did Jesus discover the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road?

    Beautiful work Matt. Loved it.

  9. Matt Quartermaine says

    Thanks for the love everyone.
    AJC Michelle Sweeney was in primary you’re muddying a beautiful pure memory. 3 tiger snake bites would have been almost as bad as my hangover.
    Thanks Rulebook and Dips.
    You can stick your North Melbourne Grand Final breakfast because the Footy Almanac Lunch never fails to deliver lovely people and moments. I may still be on a GF high.

  10. Matt Quartermaine says

    Thanks all.
    Colin as always the Footy Almanac is the best Grand Final function around full of great people and great moments.
    AJC you’ve muddied the beautiful name of Michelle Sweeney who was only in Primary school. 3 tiger snake bites would have been almost as bad as my hangover.
    Thanks Rulebook and Dips what a great day as usual and thanks to JTH who was in top interviewing form (horizontal sport).

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    On an otherwise miserable sunny Sunday arvo this made me laugh Matty Q. Congrats to your Weagles. Worthy winners.
    Thought you might have thought of John Gastev, though.

  12. And Alex Ischenko.
    Loved your delivery on the day MQ.

    Well deserved eagles.
    Hopefully A Simpson relaxed well last night.

  13. Kasey Symons says

    Re-reading this under the warm glow of a premiership win is making my heart sing! You were great on the day as well – I was in stitches! Go Eagles!

  14. Trevor Blainey says

    Dirk Hartog. After that buildup, a classic. WA remains for me, alas, unvisited. It seems i’ve missed out.

  15. I actually read this on Speakola before I read it here.
    Brilliant stuff, Matty Q.
    Was most disappointed to miss the lunch – but I will be there next year.

  16. John Butler says

    I’m with you Matty. The Almanac GF lunch always delivers.

    Smokie, we need your written permission slip to explain your absence.

    I am refraining from any and all comment on Collingwood’s misfortune on the grounds that I may say what I feel.

    PS: if only Barry had had that footy, problem solved.

  17. Fine words and work Mr Q. had me in stitches. A high water mark of wit, wisdom and wilful silliness! Well remember Skylab as we in the west were excited to be on the world stage, even if it meant death and destruction.

    In 1986 Los Lobos toured Australia and actually made it to WA (The Red Parrot for the old rockers). When interviewed on the NBS Today show a couple of years later, following the big hit they had with La Bamba they were asked when they knew they had made it. They cited their time in Perth because it was the most remote city in the world and they had performed there! We fist pumped the air.

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