Almanac Dinner: Yoshi lights up the North Fitzroy Arms







I was late to the dinner with Yoshi, so being the most sober (Yoshi by this point was like a 1970’s Grey Nicholls bat: well-oiled).  I took a few snaps, though they’re a bit rough in low light and my bad eyesight. J.


Harms had hung on from the Odd Friday Lunch and was like a well-quaffed Buddha in the corner, Dips like a Yorkshire terrier snapping at the heels of opinions (and always able to turn it around to Geelong), Yvette, Dave Wilson, Rowdy, Jen (hilarious in her tipsy Foghorn Leghorn mode) et al.


Yoshi showed a vast knowledge of all the club songs and impressed Percy Jones at the bar singing them all. The highlight came when Yoshi was asked if he knew who Chris Judd was and then proceeded to demonstrate “the chicken wing” on the front bar carpet. A top night was had by all and no surprise Yoshi is a bonza bloke.




  1. Jennifer Muirden says

    Agreed Matt, the most entertaining Play of the Night was undoubtedly Yoshi’s Re-enactment of Judd’s Chicken Wing incident. Keenly observed, the Yoshmeister!

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Buddha Harms, Yorkshire Dips, Foghorn Jen and Chicken Wing Yoshi. Great stuff MQ.
    Looks like you had an extra super terrific happy hour after I left.
    Did you end up taking Yoshi to Danny’s Burgers ? The ultimate place to sober up. Good catching up with you. Short,but sweet. Cheers

  3. Jennifer Muirden says

    What truly perplexed me about the whole wonderful evening was Dips’ penchant for trying on my bikie chick red leather jacket. Can anyone shed some light on his determined obsession with parading around as the ‘Man in Red’?! Or am I possibly opening Pandora’s box? ¯\_(?)_/¯

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Haha Jen.
    Dips is a sometimes mild-mannered accountant by day. Dabbling in the shadow maybe? Would love to see him wear red leather to a meeting with Pratt and Sons…

  5. Ahh Matty, brilliant. You were the only one who could write this because everyone else was moving into their own cartoon character.

    Jen I really wwanted to fit into that jacket. I reckon it suits my colouring. I’ve never had a fast red car so a fast red jacket would do.

    Yoshi’s chicken wing gets him BOG for 2017 I reckon. By miles. Funniest thing I’ve watched in years.

  6. Jennifer Muirden says

    When can we book in a repeat performance? I’ll make sure I don’t bring my red leather jacket next time. Into temptation…knowing full well the world will rebel …into temptation…

  7. Jennifer Muirden says

    Incidentally, I too have some photos from the night and if my lap top ever decides to wake up and behave I’ll send through.

    Yoshi, you certainly were a well behaved celeb for the night. Just hope we educated you as much as you educated us! For my birthday today I went with my family to Hotel Brighton in which Nick Riewoldt has invested and while enjoying a Little Miss Collins Cocktail up in the Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision roof top bar area I toasted the late Maddie and also you as I know how very much you admire Roo. Treasured highlight of my birthday was receiving a personally autographed hard back copy of newly released ‘The Things That Make Us: Life, Loss and Football’ book by Nick Riewoldt. When I opened it up tears rolled gently down my cheek. Carn the mighty Sainters …2018 is our year!!!!

  8. Matt Quartermaine says

    Was a great night with a lovely brief chat Phil when we managed to solve a few of the world’s problems, yet sadly didn’t get Yoshi to Danny’s Burgers. I’m worried Gigs isn’t too fond of me because it was the third do I’ve seen him at and he left straight away again. Must try to get to more Almanac functions as they’re always a cack.

  9. Yvette Wroby says

    Missed the chicken wing but he had me at the belting of the Fitzroy theme song. Thanks John Harms and Almanac peeps.

  10. Jen – get to the Cup Eve lunch. Always a beauty.

    Matt – I want your photo on the cover of next year’s book. A painted version of course.

  11. Thanks for coming to the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel on Friday night and Matt for writing this nice piece here!

    I am happy that you enjoyed my entertainment of demonstrating Judd’s chicken wing incident and singing club songs.

    I seem to prepare for another entertainment in the next socialising on my next visit to Melbourne.



  12. And Carn the Saints!

    I agree with Jen! 2018 will be the year of the Saints!

  13. Jennifer Muirden says

    Hey Dips, tempting as it is to join in another Almanacker occasion I’m not really much of a punter and would surprisingly be lost for conversation!

    Matt, I’d love to have a go at painting your portrait for an upcoming FA cover per Dipsy’s suggestion. With you currently sporting a beard it seems perfect for a Van Gogh-esque theme.

    Everyone else – Is it worth contemplating recording an inaugural album of Almanackers Belting Out Club Classics?! Who’s up for it? We could all appear on the album cover wearing out team colours. Heads up though Dips, you can’t borrow my red leather jacket as it doesn’t fit into your Cats look. Unless, of course, you choose to support Rowdy in his love of the Bulldogs! Ha ha, that’ll be the day.

  14. Sounds like it was a top night and great report Matyy Q. Pity I couldn’t make it just to meet Yoshi and beer on with you lot.


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