Footy IQ: How well do you know Adelaide’s footy ovals?

One for the South Australians. Can you recognise these Adelaide ovals by their shape?

My Footy Recollections

Adelaide University Football Club – The Blacks – is saddened to hear of the passing of one of its great characters, Brenton “Nose” Eckert.

Nose wrote this piece almost a year ago, not long after he was awarded Life Membership.

Yes Nose, your memories, and our memories of you, are surely worthy of saving.

RIP Brenton “Nose” Eckert

My First SANFL Match – Centrals v Woodville – 29/7/1967 (an Adelaide Time Capsule)

Some excerpts from a July 1967 “Football Budget”. Which just so happened to be the first match which “Swish” Schwerdt ever attended. The Adelaide of his childhood is revealed.