Footy IQ: How well do you know Adelaide’s footy ovals?

One for the South Australians. Can you recognise these Adelaide ovals by their shape?

Almanac People: A Favourite Son to return to Alberton, but it’s not who you think!

Chrism76 has firm opinions about a former favourite returning to Alberton.

Round 6 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Last Call – All Passengers Aboard the Alberton Train…Last Stop Top Four

Chris Michaels discusses through the example of their home defeat to the Eagles that there are too many passengers in the Power team at the moment.

Victoria uber alles

With the revenue from the most recent media deal the AFL distributes an equal amount of money to each of the clubs and then beyond that there is a special fund to be distributed over 2012-14 and be invested into ‘specific initiatives’ (read handouts) for a selected number of clubs. Western Bulldogs $7m and North [Read more]