SANFL Round 6 – Central District v Norwood: nothing to Bragg about

Dave Brown mulls over songs taken out of context (and does quite a bit of it himself) on the road to Elizabeth with a Billy Bragg obsessed four year old

SANFL Coca-Cola Mini League – Third Time Lucky.

A magnificent memoir of representing his beloved Central District Bulldogs in the SANFL Mini League on not one, not two, but three occasions from Swish Schwerdt; “The three game veterans among us knew the drill…”

My First SANFL Match – Centrals v Woodville – 29/7/1967 (an Adelaide Time Capsule)

Some excerpts from a July 1967 “Football Budget”. Which just so happened to be the first match which “Swish” Schwerdt ever attended. The Adelaide of his childhood is revealed.