Almanac Footy: SA v WA 1971 – Run Of The Mill

This between-Carnivals state game between SA and WA in 1971 was full of household names, but is largely forgotten. Swish take us back to the days of Ansett, Golden Fleece, AMSCOL and players with names such as Bob, Graham, George, Len, Terry and Ian.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 19 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Uneasy plodding around the parabola

Indirect football nearly killed the Power in 2007. John Kingsmill waited for Port Adelaide to take the onus against the Blues, and was left unsure after the final siren.

Footy Park: farewell or good riddance?

As the final grandstands are demolished at Football Park, Dave Brown remembers the good and bad times, the SANFL Grand Finals, Modra, McLeod, chicken salt and the tarps at West Lakes. What are your memories of Football Park?

Footy IQ: How well do you know Adelaide’s footy ovals?

One for the South Australians. Can you recognise these Adelaide ovals by their shape?

Isn’t Life Wonderful (or, My Introduction to Chicken Salt)

Nickw tells you everything you wanted to know about Chicken Salt and Football Park but were too afraid to ask.

South Australia v Victoria State of Origin 1984 – Tuesday Night Lights

Written on “Back to the Future Day”, Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt heads back to the past. The night South Australian football was changed irreversibly. 1984 specifically, when South Australia took on the Big V in a State-of-Origin match, played at Football Park. Just before the lure of the VFL/AFL proved too much for many of the SANFL’s best. The Football Budget? Don’t ask.

1975 NFL Championship Final – A Dim Recollection

Swish Schwerdt cannot remember attending the 1975 NFL Championship Final at Football Park between South Australia and Victoria. But he has the evidence to prove he was there.

SANFL Grand Final: Last Day at Football Park

Bernard Whimpress honours the passing of Football Park in Adelaide, after Sunday’s SANFL Grand Final. Memories of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly that would fill a dozen spaghetti westerns.

AFL Round 22 – Adelaide v Melbourne: Crows depart with little pizzaz

It was Adelaide’s last game at Football Park. Alas, it wasn’t one to write home about, says Bob Utber.

Farewell AAMI Stadium

Anne Fedorowytsch loves AAMI Stadium. She doesn’t care what people say about it being too far out of the way and hard to get to, the lack of sufficient legroom or the fact you feel a mile away from the play. She loves it.

AFL Round 20 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: Footy Park – never loved, never forgotten

Richard Arrowsmith won’t miss Football Park, but he’ll always remember it. Memories of past glory and former champions flooded back on Sunday afternoon.

AFL Round 8 Adelaide v St.Kilda: Crow me a river

St.Kilda have made their last trip to Football Park. Praise be, says David Downer. Praise be.

Round 4 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Freezing (not Singing) in the rain

Football Park proved a cold and lonely place for Bulldogs fan (and Sunshine State resident) Mick Jeffrey. (But at least he was asked to help with the club banner.)

AFL Round 4 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: The lost art of wet weather footy

Ben Footner appreciates the art of wet weather football.