AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Rising Blues defeat the never give up Bulldogs

Western Bulldogs versus Carlton
Sunday 17 April 2019
4:05 pm
Whitten Oval, Footscray

On the previous day, the Dingoes training was a small one as only Matt and I were there. On one on one drills, I led the ball movement well and responded quickly to score goals.


It was a game related drill and I was told that it was the best training for me.


My busy work schedules with the extension on Monday and Wednesday I watched the replay on Friday and Saturday. And I admit tiredness caused by the spilt watching, as well as disappointing result of the match.


My on field performances and attitudes to improve footy skills were taken by the rising Blues. Their new coach, who is a respected radio host, Daniel Harford guided his girls into finals.


Multi-talented with unique character, Tayla Harris kicked an easy goal with familiar approach. She’s had a familiar finish. Her good mark with good angle is added on my player note.


On the other hand, the Bulldog girls’ performances were reminders of what I would do better. From Utri being unable to kick long, I would run to where I can kick comfortably, that I had already been told.


Brooke Walker who was a rugby player offers speed on the footy field. She ran to the ball, took a mark and kicked a goal for the Blues’ third one. She was a defender at the VFLW side and moved to the forward line at AFLW.


Then my girls with inefficient kicks  couldn’t lead on the scoreboard. Even talented young Huntington missed an opportunity from a good marking.


Blues tackled hard and made turn overs showing improvement and desperation to win.


None of the sides broke the tough contests at the third quarter with mistakes. The St Kilda champion Leigh ‘Joey’ Montagna describes it an ugly quarter. I can’t agree more with Joey.


Bulldogs fought back hard at the last quarter. They showed never give up attitudes even if they had no chance to play finals.


Irish recruit McCarthy kicked long on the wing. The footy was bounced and co-captain Brennan tried to collect the ball hard, but was tackled. The tackle was judged illegal so KB was awarded a free kick. She’s did the job at 20 metres out on a good angle. It was the Bulldogs’ first goal.


Soon after McCarthy bent the knees down to take a mark. She kicked a goal and enjoyed an Irish jig to celebrate her goal.


Then Birch was awarded a 50-metre penalty and ran with excitement. She was crossed over so was awarded the double penalty. Two penalties brought her within distance to finish her job.


Three quick goals narrowed the margin to ten.


But Bulldogs kicked footy to open space later and I took a note read “someone should’ve led”.


Carlton demonstrated good footy once again. Dalton picked handpassed footy and kicked a goal. Selfless act of handpass from the fumbled is what I should adopt on my footy.


Also Blackburn backed her mate Brennan by picking fumbled footy and scored a goal. It’s what I have been told at the Dingoes’ training last year.


Back and forth afterwards on the footy field couldn’t change the leading team. Huntington scored a goal after siren but Bulldogs needed one more goal beforehand.


They lost by three points.


I wish I could see their premiership once again before my Saints enter AFLW next year. It was the last game to support the Western Bulldogs AFLW. It can be strange as the club won’t disappear. But it was better to pick any club when AFLW was established.


My hope is that St Kilda plays good footy in the women’s competition next year. Thanks Bulldog girls for entertainment and good luck next year. But go the mighty Saints next year and onwards!


WESTERN BULLDOGS 0.2 0.7 0.7 5.8 (38)
CARLTON 3.2 5.2 5.5 6.5 (41)


Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Brennan, Birch, McCarthy, Huntington
Carlton: Walker 3, Dalton 2, Harris


Western Bulldogs: Conti, Blackburn, McCarthy, Lamb, Brennan
Carlton: Walker, Davey, Dalton, Prespakis, Harris, Stevens


3. Harris (CAR); 2. Walker (CAR); 1. Blackburn (WBU)


Official crowd: 9609


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