Almanac Footy: Captains Moving Clubs is Bad For the Game

Liam O’Grady sees a couple of captains looking for a way off their sinking ships in 2019 and he isn’t happy about it.

An Open Letter to Jake Carlisle

Some timely advice to new St Kilda recruit Jake Carlisle from Patrick O’Brien (and Noel Gallagher). Put the bloody phone away Jake, Mary doesn’t want the Saints on the front page.

2010 Trade Week Discussion

The annual football meat market is open for business once again. The proceedings of this week should always be borne in mind when clubs subsequently try to play the loyalty card. Supporters, on the other hand, look at this all very differently. Some favourites will be moving on, other departures may be celebrated. What do [Read more]

Footy: The lowdown on a massive trade week

Trade week is always one of the most exciting times of the offseason for an AFL fan, and the 2009 trade week was a particularly exciting one. I’ve decided to break down each of the 15 trades that took place during the week.