2010 Trade Week Discussion

The annual football meat market is open for business once again.

The proceedings of this week should always be borne in mind when clubs subsequently try to play the loyalty card.

Supporters, on the other hand, look at this all very differently. Some favourites will be moving on, other departures may be celebrated.

What do you think will happen? What do you want to happen?

As things progress, let us know your thoughts on the action.


  1. John Butler says

    Mixed feelings about the 3 looking to leave Carlton.

    Jacobs is a loss, though I can understand he may want a more certain starting gig. Hopefully we drive a hard bargain there.

    Walker may not end up going. (contracted)

    Grigg is right to consider himself on the fringe of our mid-field.

    There’s always some disappointment when players you’ve invested seasons in leave, but at the same time, Carlton need to turn their list over.

    Bargain hard Blues.

  2. Tarrant to Collingwood for Leon.

  3. John Butler says

    Looks like Everitt is going to the Swans, and Vespremi to the Bulldogs (with a 4th round pick).

  4. No way Freo will take Leon for Tarrant. John Anthony more likely, unless we can get Thursfield in a complicated deal. Everitt would have been a good fit at Freo. Shame that’s not going to happen.

  5. Rumour: G. Ablett to be on-traded by GCS for the entire Collingwood back six.

  6. Gigs #5,

    pity he has such nice clean arms.

  7. Surprised the Tigers are giving Grigg the time of day. Hardwick has made a commitment not to recruit players who can’t kick, and Grigg is far from skilful by foot.

  8. Steve Healy says

    It’s ridiculous that Hawthorn are chasing David Hale- they don’t even need him! David Hale would have much better game time and a more important role with the Dees.

  9. It’s ridiculous that anyone is chasing David Hale.

  10. Steve Healy says

    It’s ridiculous that the Roos didn’t play him as much as they could, and a result suffered and missed out on the 8. and he kicked 17 goals in the first 7 matches

  11. Steve, if Drew Petrie was fit for the whole year, Hale would not have gotten a game.

  12. *confused face*
    why would anyone WANT David Hale?
    From what i have seen, he’s not much of a worker.

  13. Phantom #6,

    latest word is that the deal has fallen through for that very reason…

  14. 12: Agreed Danni.

    Tambling to the Crows in exchange for a couple of picks. The winner in this deal? I think Richmond.

  15. Steve Healy says

    I think Hale is better than everyone thinks he is, he has the potential to kick heaps of goals and would be an ideal back up ruckman for Jamar and that way we wont have to play Paul Johnson

  16. ANDREW Krakouer will play for Collingwood next year in an historic sign-and-trade deal to be announced on Thursday-
    UMM….hello this guy is like 27 and now we lose pick.25 to GC!?

    Tarrant has threatened to retire if he cannot get to the Magpies. Carlton and Hawthorn are also interested.
    LOL calm down Tazza!

  17. Where are Beams and Anthony going?

  18. John Butler says

    Richard Tambling to the Crows for two picks. (another Rodan?)

  19. Rodan works hard.

    Tambling doesn’t.

  20. JB
    Two picks for Tambling ?
    What were the Crows thinking ?

  21. John Butler says

    It does seem an interesting one Smokie.

    Especially as they wouldn’t part with the Bock pick for Sam Jacobs. I would have thought the ruckman might have taken priority.

  22. Danni,

    Keeping with the Collingwood tradition, picking up a guy fresh out of jail :P

    Let’s hope Presti loses his spot in the side with the inclusion to Krakouer or something like that.

    Status – Doing no work at all in Science. :)

  23. Stephen Cooke says

    You must be sorry to see John Anthony off to Freo Danni. Whatever will you do?

  24. Dave Latham says

    Krakoeur has gone beserk in the WAFL this year and topped it off with a dominant GF with 41 possessions, 25ish contested, 27 or so kicks, 4 goals. Has got more than 50 pssis this year in games.

    Ceglar looks a likely young ruck to come across too – essentially for Fraser.

    Generally good to keep the youth coming through, but have lost a fair bit of experience and we are in the (gigantic) window right now. Plenty of kids still and Hine will have some sneakys hidden behind gum trees for later picks.

  25. My cousin’s son (quaintly Tasmanian) is in the Swan Districts 18 squad. He saw the recent GF and said that Krakoeur’s performance was stunning.

    A little birdie told me that JA may be going somewhere else.

  26. Dave Latham says

    yeah, wouldn’t doubt Anthony moving on. Can’t believe rumour that Freo knocked back Anthony for Tarrant. Should have ran to the hills with that one.

    Now, we might just do a Luke Ball tango, pick Tarrant up in PSD on the cheap. He is eligible for our veteran’s list in 2012, so any pay offer for 2nd year is halved for Pies. Gives us the whip hand.

    Are Saints going after anyone?

  27. Stephen Cooke says

    Why would you want Tarrant?

  28. John Butler says

    Jared Brennan and Josh Fraser to Gold Coast as their last two un-contracted players.

  29. We can finally loosen the tight grip we had on the uncontracted players at our respective clubs.

  30. looks like Ruzza won’t be keen to play footy again according to this tweet-

    harry_o Day 3 of Bali. Had the best time so far. Last night was amazing! Sean Rusling dislocated his good shoulder! Retirement was a good decision! 5 hours ago

  31. Stephen Cooke says

    #29 – GWS will be snooping around for your uncontracted players now Josh – and I think they have two years to do it.

  32. dave latham says

    Tarrant would be able to play on the wing, defence, forward. Very handy player to help in bid for a premiership or two.

    Krakouer also a good get for the Pies. Plenty of youth left so no need to panic.

  33. 32. i like Tazza but we dont need him, plus he is getting old and would need to get to know the style of the game plan, as his team mates have changed since he left= waste of time.

  34. dave latham says

    I think we should offer Freo Leon and a late pick for Tarrant, or take him in PSD.

    Don’t think it will take long to learn the plan, considering it was new this year and everyone else seemed to adapt to it fairly quickly.

  35. 34- Even Freo prob wouldn’t want Leon.
    For Tazz they want a premiership who is still a youngie. If thsi happends, we would be the losers. A trade for Davis, i agree would be a better option but i still can’t see where Tazz fits in with the team we already have. If favourites like Tarks and Medders couldnt get in what chance does that give Tazz if he is unable to perform?

  36. Stephen Cooke says

    Neon Leon should go to a bottom 8 club with no chance of playing finals for three years. He could probably be All Australian for 3 years running and wouldn’t have that awful September business to tarnish his reputation any more than it already irrevocably is.

  37. John Butler says

    Bachar Houli is on the market. Hirdy obviously wasn’t persuasive enough.

  38. John Butler says

    As usual, a high percentage of the trades look like happening in a last minute rush.

    A couple of stalemates usually clog up the works, as everyone else is waiting on the results to judge their next move.

  39. John Butler says

    Brisbane have lost Rischitelli, Brennan, and may lose Sherman.

    But hey, they still have Fev (hehehe).

  40. Dave Latham says

    #35 Tarrant could quite easily play on a wing, follow a Goddard type around the ground, go forward. Very versatile, which is how our list has been developed over the last little while. Easily.

  41. Dave # 40,

    when I used to get greedy and want everything on the party table my mum used to say ‘your eyes are bigger than your tummy’ dear. You’ll get colliwobbles.

    If I did not heed her word and took too much there was usually a regurgitation of some sort later on. (Usually in the car on the way home.

    Unless I have missed something there are still only 22 players picked each week. I know Mick likes to change the rules. Some always miss out, and they usually end up wanting to go to another party.

    You already have a premiership squad Dave. Why go and get a whole heap of non premiership players to unsettle the ship?

    If young Ablett is able to be lured from the Cats it would not be hard for lesser lights to get mesmurised by the glint of the forty pieces of silver.

    Or to put it another way. Why go out and get something you may not want, when you already have what you do.

    Tarrant is a not even a has been, he is a ‘never bloody well was’ old crock’. He can’t even tie a knot in the rope that keeps his trousers up.

  42. John Butler says

    A 30 year old wingman who’s only ever really played FF or FB with any success? Hmm…

    I would have thought Reid and Brown had earned their stripes this season.

    Maybe Didak needs someone to party with again?

  43. John Butler says

    Nathan Djerrkura to the Dogs for a 3rd round pick.

    Geelong have too many pacey types already Phantom?

  44. Apparently JB.

    I think young Balme is gettting a few draft picks together by trading speedy supernuminaries to lure the Kruzer boy over as the Cats did with Ottens a couple of flags ago.

    We have a good Witch Doctor who will fill his knee with scale of snake, blood of toad and wing of bat to get him ready like the ‘Goth’ Rooke.

    Apparently the Blues will do anything for a few extra draft picks.

    Can’t trust those Cats. I think they are up to something back home in the comfy chair in the sun licking their wounds.

  45. John Butler says

    I think you’re dreaming about Kreuzer Phantom.

    Vossy might have a full forward if you’re interested. :)

  46. Never say never.

  47. John Butler says

    David Hale to the Hawks for their Campbell Brown compensation pick.

    Josh, Steve, et al, start your engines. :)

  48. Peter Flynn says

    Does Hale come with Pace?

  49. Ben McKinley to North Melbourne.

    YES!! :)

    As for Hale..

    YES!! :)

  50. Dave Latham says

    We wont be stalling the careers of Brown and Reid. Tarrant can play tall or small so might take the spot of $bags, and out of form / injured Dawes.

    Dream on about Kreuzer Phantom, once free agency comes into play, he’ll be at the Pies.

  51. Andrew Fithall says

    Gavin Brown to Carlton! Oh dear.

  52. Ben McKinley to North Melbourne?
    WHOAAAA!!! North just got PRETTYER!! ;)

  53. John Butler says

    First Swann, then Brown.

    Wait till we recruit Eddie. :)

  54. John Butler says

    Geez Josh,

    The Weagles didn’t get much for McKinley. Pick 86. Will they even use it?

    At that price, he doesn’t have to produce much to break even.

  55. Hope Hale fails miserably at the Hawks, Josh Gibson didn’t do anything extraordinary in his first season either. Shouldn’t have left boys.

    JB, probably the most one-sided trade in history. McKinley has the potential to be a star.

  56. SUBIACO Oval will now be known as Patersons Stadium under a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal announced today.


  57. Dave Nadel says

    I think I join the Tarrant sceptics. If Collingwood does not have to pay anything above 80something or perhaps trade Jared Blight (oops we already delisted him) then by alll means take him. I don’t want to part with a premiership player and I don’t want to part with any of the next best ten non-premiership players like Anthony, Rounds or Keefe.

    If we select Tarrant at no cost, then I would want it made clear that he is behind not only Brown and Reid but also Prestigiacomo when it comes to selecting key position backmen.

    Remembering that there is already a possibility of our Premiership being tarnished by bad subsequent behaviour, why would you recruit a player who was at least partly transferred because the club didn’t like his off-field behaviour?

  58. Steve Healy says

    Terrible decision by Hale, and terrible trade, pick 86 for McKinley!

  59. Great trade in my opinion..

  60. 57- Dave, SO TRUE!!
    you rock! :)

  61. dave latham says

    I take your point Dave and Danielle, and I have reservations about a rehashed rat pack, and there is a touch of Mick wanting to nab another at any cost – those were my reservations originally. I’ll add to that the backline is not particularly an area of weakness.

    That said, I’ve been taken in by the club’s suggestion that Tarrant wont necessarily be pegged to the backline. Pretty certain they have already stated he will be played in other positions as well.

    And I agree, there’s is no way on gods earth that a p/ship player, let alone Anthony should be part of a trade. Same goes with the players you mention Dave. It’s Leon in a deal to WA and a mid range pick, or cram it Freo.

  62. 61- ‘And I agree, there’s is no way on gods earth that a p/ship player, let alone Anthony should be part of a trade.’

    :) And now you rock TOO DAVE.L!!!

  63. dave latham says

    I have a feeling Jack might be looking for chances elsewehere though. I’d love to keep him, but feel the heartthrob has restless legs.

  64. Jack>>>North Melbourne.

  65. 63- Which is why dad keeps remind me about getting a number on my jumper…you can guess who i have on the back ;)

    64- *jonathan Brown scrowl face*

  66. dave latham says

    #64 That’s part of the web of life isn’t it, sending our hand-me-downs to North. Sav, McCartney, Arocca, Laidley, Scott, Ben Davies.

    You should rename yourself lil’ Pies. Look out though, Carlton are now bidding for our cast offs – Scotland, Greg Swann, Cam Cloke, Travis Cloke (bad luck Blues), Richardson, Rowdy, now Anthony.

    Imitation surely is the greatest form of flattery.

  67. Hahahaha Dave, good point. You can have Ben Davies back, he was terrible.

    I actually don’t want Jack at North, I don’t think he’d fit in our forward line, or defence for that matter. Hope he can get some regular games next year though.

    And if anyone tries to poach a certain club’s players, it’s Port Adelaide and Richmond. David Rodan, Adam Thomson, Jay Schulz etc.

  68. Seriously Barney you mention all two players to become decent at Port, and the one Power player who regressed at Richmond. Should’ve mentioned Danny Meyer and Mitch Farmer to square the ledger somewhat. Not to mention we have Brendan Lade as assistant coach.

  69. Forgot about Mitch Farmer..

  70. Danni, i’ve just done some research, and with the addition of Ben McKinley (8/10) and after trading David Hale (3/10), North Melbourne are officially 5 pretty points better.

  71. 70- ;) YES THEY ARE!!!
    McKinley is gonna look damn fine in Royal Blue!!! :)

  72. John Butler says


    Good to see young Edward coming to his senses.

    He could be quite handy helping out with our chook raffles.

    Need to keep him away from the pokies venues though. He has a chequered history with those.

  73. Australian reporting Grigg-Andy Collins deal has been done. No. NO. NO! Horrible trade if it’s true.

  74. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think its that bad Adam. When Grigg came into the Blues line up late in the season, he was getting heaps of ball and in career best form, whereas after Collins’ heroic effort against Sydney, he detiriorated a fair bit.

  75. Well, it’s a done deal – just got an official RFC email confirming it.

    I think the Tigs have had a win on the Tambling deal (provided they use their draft picks well) but I’m not impressed with the Grigg-Collins one.

    I really think Collins is an emerging talent. Uses the ball well, finds the goals and, as previously mentioned, demonstrated a really gutsy side to his game against Sydney. I don’t know enough about Grigg to really know what he’ll bring to Richmond that will offset this loss, but if he’s not getting a regular game with Carlton, I’m not sure why Richmond fans should be getting too excited.

    And worst of all, it’s hard to stomach the thought of Collins being called another of “Setanta’s little helpers”!

  76. Might as well share the weird dream i had last night.
    It was the grandfinal replay, but the Saints were not there. The other team had on a jumper i haven’t seen before…which was weird BUT Jack kicked 3 goals, a hat trick! …gee i wish i hadn’t woken up.

  77. Steve Healy says

    Only 3 goals? thats not a very wild dream

  78. 78- its not the fact he kicked goals Steve, its the fact he was playing in a GF replay against a team ive never seen in my life…. *confused face*

  79. Steve Healy says

    Lol well you did talk up the three goal performance!

  80. #41, Sorry Dave,

    I’ve been off line at the shack relaxing doing a bit of rock fishing. The squid are running. Dipped in a fresh home laid egg and bread crumbs fried in very hot extra virgin olive oil within half an hour of hitting the jig, a squeeze of home grown lime juice and a pinck of cracked Tasmanian pepper berry (Tasmania lanceolata) washed down with a good cool climate Tassy dry white is very tempting.

    Oh, by the way, refer back to the first four paragraphs of #40.

  81. John Butler says

    Looks like Justin Sherman is going to the Dogs (literally, not metaphorically).

  82. John Butler says

    Sam Jacobs to the Crows for picks 33 & 67.

    Not the first round pick Carlton wanted, but better than losing him for nothing.

  83. John Butler says

    Griffin to Freo from the Crows for pick 61.

    Sandilands has some backup.

  84. John Butler says

    Laidler & pick 41 to Carlton for picks 36 & 53.

    How do you cats folks rate him?

  85. A Carlton player now.

  86. John Butler says

    So I guess he just lost value Phantom? :)

  87. good/ordinary.

  88. John Butler says

    Just like The Buzz!

  89. A bit of ‘Cloak and Dagger’ going on between the Blues and the Pies.

    The rot has started with the big heads already.

  90. John Butler says

    Kyle Cheney & pick 66 to Hawks for pick 52.

    Small earthquake in Chile…

  91. John Butler says


    A lot of smoke around Cloke. No real evidence it has more substance than Pappa bidding him up in price.

  92. John Butler says

    Tarrant & pick 44 to Collingwood for picks 43 & 55

  93. John Butler says

    What price Presti now?

  94. 93- bloody hell, seeing pix of Tazza in a Collingwood jumper is creepy! Its like he never even left!

  95. 95-What would it be like to see Travis Cloke in a Carlton jumper then?

  96. Dave Latham says

    Read your 3 para’s again at post #41 Phantom, it was like mining a shaft.

  97. 96- HA! Not with that ALL WHITE away strip! It wouldnt be very flattering on Trav.

  98. John Butler says


    With Taz back, maybe we can have a return to the good old Party-Pies?

    They never worried with all this flag nonsense. :)

  99. 99- Only if i can join in!

  100. I’m sorry Danielle.

    You definately can’t go to any Pie parties.

    I insist as your Knacker guardian.

  101. 101-…. :( PLEASEEEYYYYYY!!! PRETTY PRETTYYY PLEASEEYYY with a Premiership cup ontop??!!! ;)

  102. Dave,

    Sheeds won’t wait for the Pies to shaft any one. He will mine what he wants and now that your guys are star billing he will have a few 14 carat nuggets to chose from.

    It’s damn tough at the top these days. Enjoy the the next 11 and a half months while you are there.

  103. #102,

    No. In this case it is definately for your own good.

  104. 104- :( fine, but im still gonna marry Jack Anthony :)

    *slumps back into lit close analysis passages*

  105. Even if he goes to Carlton?

  106. 106- when you love him as much as i do…jumper colour doesnt matter.. *sobs* :(

  107. Another Scanlans Footy Card Week comes and goes and Carlton still don’t have a key defender.

  108. #95. Danni, I don’t mind seeing Taz in a Collingwood jumper seeing it hasn’t actually cost us anything. We didn’t give away any premiership players, we didn’t give away your Jack or any of our other good young players. We didn’t give away any high draft picks (‘coz we didn’t have any in the first place) and Mick has already made it clear that Taz won’t be played ahead of a fit Reed or Nathan Brown

    I suspect he would only be played ahead of Presti if Reed was injured and the opposition forward was too mobile for Presti. It’s not a big deal but it was a “win” deal.

  109. My tip is Reid and Taz will play as swing men. Swapping from forward to back. It’ll also give Shaw more time on the wing. Win win win.

  110. dave latham says

    An absolute win with Tarrant, and in the long duree too.


    Freo get: Tarrant
    Pies get: Reid (pick 8) and Medhurst


    Freo get: pick 43 and 55
    Pies get: Tarrant, pick 44


    Pies get: Tarrant, Reid, pick 44, Pies lose: picks 43 and 55.

    Sounds good to me.

    Tarrant can release Shaw to the wing as Tails says, can also go forward if required, or release Reid to forward line, a la Gilbert, and take his place down back.

    To have two rebounding defenders like Reid and Tarrant will be amazing, not to mention Harry and Heater. This team is uber versatile.

  111. Dave N/Tails/Danielle/Dave L,

    I’m happy to welcome back Taz. He has grown up now (finally) and it has not cost us anything.
    He will obviously be very motivated to win a spot in the team with the chance for premiership glory. He gives us key position flexibility & anyone who has watched his football over the past 2 years would have to agree that he has been a super defender. He has fixed up Buddy a lot too & no current Pie backman can really boast same.

    Re the ongoing Cloke saga – gee I am so tired of his intrusive old man. It is really pathetic. His whinge about the leadership group was astounding. I hope the Pies play hard ball. BTW – how many other players are on David Cloke’s books other than Cameron & Jason?

    Sad to see Browny head off to Carlton (Richo too) but nothing will change. I trust Greg Swann has enjoyed the past month as much as we have. I guess when the pay packet comes in each week, the reason why you are there in the first place pales into insignificance. Very happy that the Magpie administration has remained silent on this one…but we don’t have to!

  112. Bakes,
    The management of the Cloke sons is all that David has ever done. His wife is worse takingan active role in their careers as I’m sure any club official will attest that has had her chewing their ear over where David or the boys should be playing or how they should be treated and paid. Mrs Cloke rules the roost in that family and David is merely the dult that does the leg work.

  113. Sydney Malakellis says

    You all think Tarrant is going to play on the wing? Really? No, really? Seriously… really??!!
    And Mark Blake is all of a sudden going to become Simon Madden.

  114. Sydney Malakellis says

    Sorry, I’ve mis-read everything everyone has posted. I just cannot fathom the point of Chris Tarrant going back to Collingwood when they basically sacked him in the first place.
    Er… yes. I’m not making much sense today. Was at work til 4am so, um forget everything I’ve said…

  115. John Butler says


    Sleep deprived or not, I share some of your reservations re Mr Tarrant.

    Can’t see him lasting long on a wing, if tried there at all.

  116. 116- If anything, we got Tazza to makeup for the missing elements of hotness that left with Medders and Rusling, I guess its nice to have our poster boy back.

  117. John Butler says


    I knew you’d cut through to the essentials. :)

  118. 118- lol yeah mum uncle reconds i should be in charge of the Collingwood draft camp picks, to enure that only the prettyest qualify, i hope Mick wears his glasses and has a pretty strategy on mind when hes picking. ;)

  119. sorry that should say *my uncle*

  120. Steve Healy says

    haha, good one danni.

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