Almanac Teams: Round 1 debuts since 1980 (Part 3 – 2001 to 2010)

Rodney Boyd presents Part 3 of his series about VFL/AFL Round 1 debutants, today looking at the years 2001 to 2010.

Round 17 – Sydney v Brisbane: Dr Terence Elliot and a Fitzroy Lost Boy in the shadow of the Tigers

Torrid conditions in FNQ saw the Lions best a spirited Swans outfit and lock in a top 2 finish, though Shane Reid has been wondering (tongue in cheek) if it’s all just palaver leading up to an inevitable crushing by Richmond?

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Traditions

Joe De Petro relives the 1972 VFL Grand Final and the rivalry established between Richmond and Carlton, while watching the Round 1 match between the Tigers and the Blues at the MCG.

Carlton 2018: Every rebuild can be unhappy in its own way

Much furious comment surrounded Carlton’s 2018. John Butler offers his thoughts on the Year of the Double Spoon.

Round 19 – Gold Coast v Carlton: The Sunk Cost Fallacy Cup

When you’ve won 1 of your last 27, any win will do. John Butler evaluates the Blues’ win over the Suns.

Almanac Footy: Captains Moving Clubs is Bad For the Game

Liam O’Grady sees a couple of captains looking for a way off their sinking ships in 2019 and he isn’t happy about it.

Round 7 thoughts and predictions from Sal

Can’t decide who to pick in the footy this weekend? Sal’s thoughts and predictions for Round 7 might help.

Round 18 – Brisbane v Carlton: Carlton Match Committee and Napoleon

In a battle towards the bottom of the ladder, Brisbane proved too good for Carlton. Phil Hill was impressed by the young players from both teams.

Round 9 Preview – A Stroke of Fortune

Sal Ciardulli gives his view on some of this weeks issues and also gives a comprehensive preview to each game!

Round 5 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Well Used

Young Almanacker Aidan gives a thoughtful analysis of Port’s win over the Blues.

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Wet and scrappy

A tough day at the MCG for Essendon players and fans alike. But Rod Oaten and Canadian friends battled on.

Round 6 – Carlton v Essendon: Ugly is the new Beautiful

John Butler suggests ugly is the new beautiful after analysing the Carlton Essendon game.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: The Minus Touch

The Minus Touch could catch on. As could The Minus Touch index. Callum O’Connor begins the season with a lick under the oaks in Yarra Park and he and his Tiges survive the negatives of the evening.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: And we’re away

Trevor Kannegiesser has the honour of producing the first match report of the AFL season. He was impressed with a hard-fought game which suggested both teams have something to offer.

Round 12 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: The Fifty Shades of Robbie Gray

Elvin Ho and his Dad visit the MCG to witness an exhilarating Carlton win. Only four wins out of the eight, surely they are contenders!

Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: A fair dip but not quite good enough

With the Crows a little flat, the Blues have their chances, but can’t quite get over a better side.

Round 4 – St Kilda v Carlton: Footy in Aoteaora, Anzac Day 2015

Glen traveled to Wellington and provides a reflection on ANZAC day and the Saints v Carlton match (nice touch naming the medals).

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: Arrested Dee-velopment

Here’s a fun fact – since beating Port Adelaide in July 2011, Melbourne has won only one of its 30 games against non-expansion sides.

Who’s a Jolly good fellow?

Darren Jolly used his piece in The Age to argue for more of a players voice on the rules committee and then went ahead stated that 3 members have relevant recent experience.