FEARLESS 2021 Round 4: Blockbusters start the round and do the game justice.

Reports of the social media interaction between a fan and a player left Paul Thompson genuinely shocked. He makes a few observations about that, before his wrap up of the Round 4 action.

Sticks, stones and social media

With Collingwood going through a rough patch, Danielle Hakim examines the pros and cons of fan responses on social media.

Round 10 – Essendon v GWS: Stuck in the back pocket

Andrew Else, Bombers man, is in Lockdown with his family in Melbourne. His report of the Essendon game against the (confident and good-looking) Giants boys is a comment on COVID life, politicians, journalists, press conferences, social media, parenting and even football. [Timely – Ed]

Almanac (Post) Modern Life: Interpreting Likes

“What does it mean to like a post?” asks Edward P. Olsen. This piece on the nature and influence of social media takes the recent Folau-Ablett situation as its stimulus. It’s a piece in that fine tradition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as EPO tries to make sense of it all for his own understanding. Maybe others can offer some thoughts.

Footy fans: Yoshi in a social media limelight

A chance encounter with a fellow Sainter has Yoshi enjoying a moment of social media fame.

Opinion as fact: The dire future of information (Case studies: Climate change and the MCG pitch)

David Wilson sees social media, groupthink and the rapid reporting of opinions as leading us away from Enlightenment. Is climate change happening? Was that Melbourne Test pitch really so bad? Orwellian intrigue.

I ‘Like’ Bias

In a modern virtualised world, we need to take care that we don’t get caught in a ‘Like’ vacuum and unwittingly fuel bias and stereotyping.

The SMD (Selfie of Mass Destruction)

Robbo with a thought-provoking and insightful piece on life and the roles of individual, collective and the individual within the collective. Within this, the selfie is “like nuclear power…”

An Open Letter to Jake Carlisle

Some timely advice to new St Kilda recruit Jake Carlisle from Patrick O’Brien (and Noel Gallagher). Put the bloody phone away Jake, Mary doesn’t want the Saints on the front page.

Twitter – the Student Journos’ Best Friend

As Sarah explains, Twitter has become the students best friend as Sarah and her classmates found when covering the Mick Malthouse sacking.

For Tweet’s Sake

Considered less than cerebral in some quarters, Taylor Walker is actually quite the renaissance man, argues Dave Brown.

Cricket: Video killed the Radio Star. Did twitter save the five-day game?

Brutas Mudcake asks: Why has this Ashes series produced the great marriage of social media and cricket?

Third Test – Day 4: Thoughts from the twitterverse

Stephen Cooke rips off a whole lot of quotes from twitter to compile this report. Hey, it’s not lazy, or plagiarism, it’s Social Media.

Harry O, who do you think you are?

  by Jeff Dowsing It’s come to my attention there’s a growing band of footy fans out there hating on Collingwood’s Harry O’Brien.  And perhaps surprisingly, based on various fan forums, blogs and social media platforms, Magpie supporters count among the premiership player’s harshest critics.  I’d repeat the meatier nuggets of intelligentsia here but for [Read more]