Almanac Flashback: Harms on the speccie revisited

A decade ago, John Harms penned some words on the speccie, and its place in footy. (The comments that follow will bring back many memories – Ed).

Mark of the Year: Part I.

    Never take a mark for granted. They are the sweetest thing. Never take The Mark of the Year for granted, either. People say it like it’s a fact. “That was the mark of the year!” Full stop. Odds are, Walker will win the telly one, but footy means many different things to many [Read more]

A Magic Moment

It was 1979, early Spring. A skinny little kid stood on the half forward flank waiting for the opposition’s full back to kick the ball back in. The mud grabbed at his boots but wasn’t so wet that it made him feel grounded. The early Spring sun was ridding the ground of the rank smelling, [Read more]

Up There Cazaly and The Myth of Icarus

Phil Dimitriadis presented this paper at the 150 Years of Australian Football Conference: Up There Cazaly and The Myth of Icarus: An exploration into the narrative of freedom and failure in Australian Rules football. This is the abstract. [Interesting – wish I heard it. JTH]

Speccie voting

Greatest speccie of all time voting   Shaun Smith at the Gabba                                 45 Jezza    1970 GF                                              36 Gary Ablett over Pert                                       23 Ashley Sampi v Melb                                        20 Trevor Barker on the wing at teh Lake Oval  12 Gary Ablett (snr) v Melb 1989              10 Gary Moorcroft v Doggies                                14 Chris Tarrant v Melbourne 2002                       7 Brett [Read more]

General footy writing: The top ten stepladders

By Paul Daffey 1. Garry Lyon The former Melbourne captain is to be commended for his habit of getting in front. But such are the pitfalls of this noble practice that it made him the ideal stepladder for some towering marks from spring-heeled teammates. In 1995, Lyon got into the spirit of the construction work [Read more]