Almanac People: Trent West – a study in persistence and coaching

David Fordyce from the Canberra Cats pens a tribute to the retired former Cats and Lions player Trent West.

Collingwood less gone this week

The Collingwood Football Club might not be as gone for the 2012 season as it was last week. However, if you are brave enough to announce a renaissance based on one good quarter of Carringbush footy, where the opponent (the mighty Cats) virtually handed goals out like strip club cards at an Adelaide Oval Test, [Read more]

Mark of the Year: Part I.

    Never take a mark for granted. They are the sweetest thing. Never take The Mark of the Year for granted, either. People say it like it’s a fact. “That was the mark of the year!” Full stop. Odds are, Walker will win the telly one, but footy means many different things to many [Read more]