The Ashes 2019 – Fourth Test, Day 4: A Question of Balance: On Bradman and Smith.

Historian and writer Bernard Whimpress can only take so much Steve Smith. He explains why.

The Ashes 2019 – Fourth Test: Australia’s United Old Trafford Test XI

Dave Brown selects his XI of all-time Australian performers at Old Trafford. A repetition of some of these efforts would be most welcome.

The Ashes 2013: Manchester Memories

From the vault: Smokie Dawson and six mates were grateful their wives gave them such an extraordinarily long leash so they could attend the Manchester Test in 2013. They just had to be careful they didn’t hang themselves with it.

Third Test – Day 4: Bad light? No, bad decision

Once again Test cricket has shot itself in the foot with its archaic rulings.

Third Test – Day 3: Is it possible to like KP?

John Harms spends the night on the couch to see the Australians fight it out, and does not change his view of Kevin Pietersen.

Third Test – Day 2: Video Killed the Walkabout Star

Andrew Else reveals Warner’s thought process (ie. none) before going for the DRS during a glorious day’s play by Australia against the Poms.

Third Test: Warner and Watson to save the day?

It may come down to this argues Brendan McArdle: only Warner and Watson have the potential to turn things around in the Old Dart. Believe it, or not.