The Ashes 2019 – Fourth Test, Day 4: A Question of Balance: On Bradman and Smith.

Historian and writer Bernard Whimpress can only take so much Steve Smith. He explains why.

The Ashes 2019 – Second Test, Day 3: SPD Smith transcends to Wonderland

SPD Smith is 13 not out at Lord’s. David Wilson says: “It’s fair to say that SPD Smith now operates beyond the reach of human influence. He bats now in a kind of “Strawberry Fields Forever”/”Penny Lane” Double A Side zone.”

Letter to Cricket Australia: View from the outer suggests you need to take responsibility

This piece was first published in April 2018. We re-visit it here…

Cricket Australia managers suspend three players, announce an internal review into culture but continue to act in their roles. In this letter David Wilson suggests that they need to step down.

Almanac Cricket: What next for Australia?

Citrus Bob Utber loves a selection discussion and, after reporting on the entire Test summer, he picks his squad to tour India.

Australia v Pakistan – MCG, Day 5: Confessions of a Test Cricket Predictor

Citrus Bob Utber is a man of predictions. He’s happy to be proven wrong on this occasion in what turns into an absorbing Test match.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 5: Enchanting Test cricket

After the first two sessions back on Thursday, no-one thought this Test match would reach the fifth day. But the fight in the Pakistanis meant it did. With the Australians getting jumpier and jumpier as the Pakistani batsmen crossed off the runs the Test turned into a near-classic.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 2: Worser and worser, or worserer?

An inventive Day 2 report from an engaged Citrus Bob Utber as he plucks new terms to describe old things. Fine use of the verb ‘to squack’ and of the comparative of comparatives as he conveys a sense of the strengths of the Australians and the frailties of the fielding and batting frailties of the Pakistanis.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 1: Pinky Pool Perfect

Citrus Bob Utber may eschew the lemon dacks for the lime budgy-smugglers as his respect for the pool grows. He reports on the opening day of the Gabba Test when young Renshaw reminded him of The Big Ship.

Australia v West Indies – MCG Test, Day 3: At last a contest

Citrus Bob Utber was happily surprised by the events of Day 3, Melbourne Test. Without warning, some good contested Test cricket broke out.

Australia v West Indies – MCG Test, Day 2: Beyond a boundary

David Wilson on MCG Day 2, social order, expectations, governance, cricket, competition and opportunity.

Sabina Park Test – West Indies v Australia, Day 1: The continuing story of SPD Smith

A confused and doubtful E.regnans brings this story of Sabina Park Day 1, thanks to his ever-optimistic (and imaginary) horse called Clarrie Grimmett. Of course, yet again, the day belonged to Steve Smith.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Playlist

E.regnans turns to music and video to describe Day 1, SCG, Scenes 1-5.

SPD Smith: shake it off

E.regnans spots similarities between the bearing of SPD Smith and that of Taylor Swift.